We all are going through tough times, thanks to Corona Virus. There were many times when I felt low. To cheer up myself I did some shopping in the month of April. One of my mini shopping haul was from Deyga. I placed order in April but received products in last week of May because courier services for non-essentials like skin care were on hold in Noida (containment zone) amidst lock-down. 

Deyga products review

I ordered three products from Deyga and after using the products for almost a month I am posting the review of all the three products.

Deyga Lemon Mist Review – Till date I have used face mists, body mists but Deyga Lemon Mist is really a unique product. As per the specifications by the brand, Deyga the mist can be used on skin as well as scalp. This is made of 100% pure steam distilled lemon water. I have tested this product by using the mist on my scalp as well as my face.

Deyga Lemon Mist Review

Deyga Lemon Mist On Scalp - First and foremost, this was the first mist that can be used for scalp. Secondly it was beginning of June when I started using the mist. June in north India means high humidity with extreme temperature. This kind of weather makes my scalp and hair greasy within a day of washing hair with shampoo. Grease and sweat on scalp can lead to bad smelling hair. And frequent shampoo can damage the hair. So when I came across Deyga Lemon Mist and read about its usage I immediately knew how I am going to use this for my hair care. From past one month, two days later post shampooing my hair, I spray Deyga Lemon Mist on my scalp. I massage gently using my fingertips and leave it for like an hour. After that I wash my hair with plain water. This process has kept my hair smelling fresh for long even without frequent shampooing and I intend on continuing this practice throughout whole summers.

Deyga Lemon Mist On Face – Due to lock-down we all are staying at home and most of the times locked up in ac rooms. Long stay in AC tends to dry out skin. To feel fresh all the time application of cream is not possible especially for oily skin person like me. For me this lemon mist has become a boon. I spray this mist two to three times during the day and then tap dry using my fingers. The natural fragrance of lemon in this mist instantly refreshes my skin. After one month usage the 100 ml bottle is almost over. I will totally recommend this product to all.

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel Review – This is 100% pure natural aloe vera gel. The gel is transparent and has no fragrance at all because Deyga hasn’t mixed anything like color or fragrance in it. The ingredients are aloe barbadensis, aloevera extract, aloe hydrosol.

deyga aloe vera gel review

I have been using the Deyga aloe vera gel from past one month at night. When I know that I am done for the day but there is still some time before I hit the bed, I apply the aloe vera gel on my face, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash away. The natural product has made my skin smooth, soft and pimple free. When you are living in big cities it’s very difficult to find aloe vera plants. In my opinion this is the best substitute of gel extracted directly from leaf. So if are one of those who like to invest in natural products, this is one of the best options to consider.

Deyga Hand Sanitizer Review – Sanitizer has become an essential wellness product for us all. Even before Covid Situation I used to carry hand sanitizer in my bag always. Now I have become much more careful and always make sure to invest in good quality sanitizer. Let me be honest here it wasn’t much need for me to buy sanitizer from Deyga with so many drugstore hand sanitizer variants so easily available. However the only reason why I wanted to go for Deyga’s was because of natural ingredients like fresh aloe vera gel and tea tee oil in it along with isopropyl alcohol. Hand sanitizers tends to make hands rough and dry because of presence of alcohol in it but this is not the case with Deyga’s which makes hands soft and smooth. The transparent hand sanitizer is housed in a sturdy clear bottle with good quality pump. If you want to use a good quality hand sanitizer that is good for your hands as well, then do invest in Deyga’s.

 Deyga Hand Sanitizer Review

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If you are going to ask me what is new with me I will say “Lujobox” my luxury beauty subscription box. I am going to review my experience with the esteemed brand not just based on my one month subscription but rather what I have experienced in last four months. Lujo is a Spanish language word that is pronounced as Lu-ho.

Lujobox Luxury Beauty Subscription Box India Review

Hi Friends,

Can you define Indian culture in one world? I requested to allow me two words and my definition of Indian culture is colorful and exotic. 

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Family always takes the first priority. Their comfort, their safety always comes first. When it comes to health we don’t hesitate to turn to the best doctors and hospitals. If that is the case, why do we hesitate to opt for their health insurance?

family health insurance plans


Upon starting a relationship, people need to spend more time together bonding, nurturing love and getting to know each other even better. To avoid boredom, you have to come up with a variety of activities that are enjoyable for both of you. When the relationship is new, this may not be a problem because people are full of ideas and energy to go out. But this slows down as time goes by. However, there are known excellent ways of spending some “us” time together. If you have been wondering how to go about this, then this article is for you.