I never ever owned even a single thing in my wardrobe that was yellow in colour. Somehow I always believed that yellow color was not for me. I used to feel that since I am not that fair so it won’t suit me (low confidence *whistles*) and blah blah. Over period of time I realized that I was never so experimental and those who experiments a lot are a fan of yellow color ( I don’t want to drag this long) Cutting it out. My writing, blogging has changed me a lot as a person and I feel more beautiful, confident and positive now.

Never ever in my life I have thought that I will be sharing any fashion stories with you. I am the least fashionable girl on whole planet but I am improving because I want to improve. This is something I have started enjoying. May be some will like and some don’t. I am here for those who like what I do.

This is the first breezy summer look that I have created. I hope you will like it and you can also try something like this


Top - Latin Quarters

Jeans – Fame Forever

Shades – Ray Ban

Earrings – Globus

Watch – Fossil

Wedges – Kin

Makeup – Maybelline

I hope that you will like this new extension of my blog.

Stick to R&W 
Megha Gupta
Himalaya needs no introduction in Indian skincare market. Whether its pimple care neem face wash, Himalaya face packs these products have always won my heart. My house is already stocked with lot of Himalaya products and when the esteemed brand launched their new tan removal range I had to get one for myself. Today I will review complete Himalaya Tan Removal Range in this post.

Himalaya Orange Tan Removal Range Review

June second week – third week marks the arrival of monsoon in some parts of our country. This is why the My Envy Box for June 2017 is looking so fresh in its aqua blue colour. Every box of my envy box is specially curated by its wonderful team considering the demands of that particular month. June month’s envy box theme is Bring On The Rain. I will reveal what is inside My Envy Box and review the same for you today. You can get this box for Rs. 850 here

My Envy box June 2017 Review

When summers begin this time I made a major shift in my skincare routine and that was switching to the usage of facial gels. I bought couple of them from various brands. Few I liked and few I don’t. Among all the brands I invested in Fuschia Lavender & Calendula Hydrating Face Gel Review tops the list. In this blog post today I will review Fuschia Lavender & Calendula Hydrating Face Gel

Fuschia Lavender And Calendula Hydrating Face Gel Review

Sunscreen is the most essential skincare product for summers. I don’t even dare to step out without applying sunscreen. Some people think that only exposure to sun leads to tanning and sunburns. No dear even if you stand in shade during summer season your skin can get tan. With oily skin it becomes difficult at time to find a non-greasy sunscreen. As in summers my face sweats the most and if I apply a greasy sunscreen then I am dead. I am using Biotique products for so long that I have kind of trust on this brand. I have also used their Bio Morning Nectar Sunscreen before and reviewed the same on R&W. This is why I decided to go for Biotique Botanicals Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen. Today I am going to review Biotique Botanicals Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen

Biotique Botanicals Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen Review