Cockroaches, rats, lizards’ can give me nightmare. I can’t even enter the room that has a lizard crawling the walls. You have to see me jumping from one corner to another with fear whenever I across these creatures. I tried using pest sprays, pest killers and various other options to keep them away. What I hated about these things was the bad fumes that can affect our lungs as well. When I came across ads of Super Sonic Pest Repellent I was like what is this and I wish to try this out for myself and my readers. So today I am going to share my experience with Super Sonic Pest Repellent.

Summers bring dullness and you need to keep rejuvenating yourself by indulging into watermelons, mangoes and essentially skincare. I know Envy Box understands our needs and have therefore designed this month’s box based on summer theme. My Envy Box for May 2017 is a leafy green colour box with watermelon printed on top. The box is so vibrant and beautiful that it instantly lit your mood. Full marks to My Envy Box for packaging. In this post I will share my experience with My Envy Box May Box

Face Serum housed in a small bottle and so pricey? That was  my first reaction when I got Votre Face Serum. Today I am going to review Votre Face Serum

Votre Face Serum 
Whenever I look at an empty wall I have this strange and happy feeling of decorating with beautiful paintings. Honestly at times its boring to visit Art galleries. In this modern era of shopping when everything is available online why not we have a website exclusively for art and paintings. Who imagined that there is going to be a day when you can choose paintings online

buy paintings online india

My favourite time pass these days are browsing internet. I keep on checking out new websites and if I like them I don’t refrain myself from shopping from them. My recent discovery is This website justifies its name as you will find wide range of products from fashion to home & living to accessories, skincare and much more. You know that I love shopping for skincare products so continuing my shopping tradition I ordered some Myoho Skincare Products for myself. Today I am going to review Myoho Skincare Products

Myoho Skincare Products Review