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All his life Suresh had believed that he was intended to meet that special luck one day. And when today that day has arrived he is not sure whether he should be happy or not. Because this is something he never expected even in his wildest dreams.

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This story will reveal how life works in the most mysterious ways. That Special Luck is considered as one of the best suspense short novel in India. Below are the excerpts from the story. I am hoping that you will like it. Please review it on amazon. You don't have to own a kindle to read it. You can use your smartphone and amazon to download on your phone and read it. 

He was born in a lower middle class family of Kanpur. His father Mahesh Kumar, an electrician would make end meets by picking up random jobs in households, factories and shops. His mother Sarita was a simple Indian housewife who was jubilant when she discovered that she was pregnant with Suresh. His parents were eagerly waiting for their first child to be born. They were a small and happy family. Mahesh loved his wife dearly and though they would talk for hours every day, he wasn’t aware of his wife’s secret wish of having a daughter instead of a son. Throughout her pregnancy she was dreaming of how she is going to raise her daughter. Whenever she used to go to market she would buy cute hair clips, frocks, socks and various other things that would be helpful when she will have a girl. When Suresh was born his mother wasn’t even tiniest excited about his birth, she was rather sad. Her mother in law, her own mother, neighbors, friends and even Mahesh couldn’t understand why she wasn’t happy. She should rejoice because she had given birth to a son which in itself was a huge deal in India. She didn’t want to feed him so cow milk was ordered for the toddler. She would hardly hold him and once she couldn’t take it anymore she left her house a month later on one dark night silently and no one saw her ever again. It remained a mystery for years that why she left her own infant, husband and a wonderful life behind.

What happened to his mother? What kind of life Suresh lead after his mother left him? He had big dreams but very little support. He wasn't a gifted person who had best of the talent, looks or even luck to have that kind of faith in the most extraordinary thing. Yet he always believed that he was entitled to that special luck which happens to very few in this world. Was he right in thinking that way? To continue reading for free on Amazon please click here 

He was born to a rich Scottish father and an Indian mother. Though he was born in London but he lived almost all his life in India because his mother was the editor of famous fashion magazine in India who then wanted to continue with her career in her home country. His father also had no objection in settling down in India. He had a lavish family restaurant business in UK that he had inherited from his father which was mostly managed by his staff on everyday basis and once in every two weeks he used to visit UK to keep proper check. He was the only child to his parents and was loved dearly by them. In vacations the family would travel around the world and he would often visit his relatives in UK from time to time. You can say that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His entire neighborhoods, his parents, relatives, friends in India or abroad were fond of him because he was lovely kid. He had inherited best of east and west from his parents.

He was the destiny child and had best of everything in this world. He always believed that he was not living, yet writing his own destiny. Was he right in thinking that way?

What happened when life threw them in each other's path? A promising suspense thriller that will expose some of the dark secrets of life and how due to your own actions you can land upon that one golden chance that can change your life forever.

A captivating story capable of leaving mark on reader's mind and soul. 

This is the first suspense thriller novel in the short suspense thriller novel series "That Special Luck" which brings the most extraordinary stories from the ordinary lives.

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All is life Suresh had believed that he was intended to meet that special luck one day. And when today that day has arrived he is not sure whether he should be happy or not. Because this is someting he never expected even in his wildest dreams.  

Life changing moment or chance in a good way can be referred to as Special Luck moment. You must have been hearing stories about poeple all your life that how their lives changed overnight for better. The series "That Special Luck" will bring you the most extra-ordinary stories from the most ordinary lives about how these people landed upon that one golden chance because of their own actions. It happens to those who have faith in themselves and life even in the most excruciating circumstances. 

That Special Luck - It Happens When You Believe

This is what the new story "That Special Luck" is about. The story is told in layers and mystery unfolds when you are not expecting it at all. Not much has been revealed in description as this might kill the suspense. If you like mystery and thriller stories even a little you have to give this story a shot. You can read it from here and here