“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating”-John Walters

Yes, John Walters understood how I feel. It is true, food has been one of my biggest weaknesses and, to be honest, I think that I have tasted every sort of food there is. 

Food Hacks For Foodies Who Love Eating Out

Ever since Feb has kicked in my skin is back in its chameleon avatar and has started behaving weird. Sometimes it feels oily and sometimes really dry. So I decided to do skin binging via a new brand Herbs and More. This is a Netsuf brand and isn’t new to me as I have used and reviewed couple of their products here and here. Today I will share review of Herbs And More skincare products and a regime that I have been following on my own using Herbs And More products.

Herbs And More Skincare Products Review, Netsurf Products Review

Owing to hectic lifestyle these days many of us lack the required nutritional elements that are essential to lead a healthy life. It gets challenging especially for vegetarians to obtain the necessary nutrients through their regular meals. Hence, the three main nutrients Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats that are to be consumed according to their energy generating hierarchy are largely missed.

GNC Health And Nutrition Campaign Filling The Gap

An impromptu travel plan makes you realize the importance of having few essentials in your wardrobe. And I am not referring to long vacation plans here, rather weekend getaways or one day trips. In this writeup I will share list of top five clothing items that are must your wardrobe and which can be conveniently convert to travel wardrobe whenever required. 

Must Have Travel Wardrobe Top Five Picks

As more and more people are buying smartphones, they are installing spying apps on their mobiles to keep track of their loved ones or on their workers. The introduction of spying apps has allowed users to anonymously track and keep a record of what other people are doing. Privacy is very important one should respect each other's privacy, but sometimes it is necessary to keep track of what is happening around them. Spying apps have allowed partners to keep a watch and track their whereabouts of each other to keep them away from or any emergency. It also brings peace of mind to them.