Whenever I hear about a new movie theatre, multiplex my question is what’s different they have to offer us. With similar popcorn, chips and cold drinks all these theatre look just the same. So when Cinépolis who is India’s 1st international and World’s 4th largest movie theatre today organized a gourmet afternoon & Cook-off challenge at Coffee Tree, the signature property & in-house F&B lounge of Cinépolis and sent me an invitation I was super excited to be part of it. This event was organized at premises of Cinépolis Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida. 

Few days back I was casually scanning my dressing table to only realize that almost half of the products are from Biotique. No doubt from last two years or even more Biotique has become the most bought brand by me. Every time I need a lotion or shampoo or bathing products I look forward to Biotique most of the times. They also have extensive range of products which gives me option to buy new products every time. This season my skincare, hair care routine is dominated by Biotique. In this post I will tell you about the products that I have been using along with their reviews. 

Biotique Botanicals products reviews

I still remember that in one of my business studies class we had this discussion on how offices should be like. I suggested what if office is like a café or café can be used an office. Everything came back to me like a flashback when I visited myHQ. The startup based in Delhi-NCR has come up with an amazing concept which lot people use to think about but had never really done anything about it.

I have this strange liking for stores like store 99, dollar store in short anything which is a fixed price store and that fixed priced is a nominal amount. But these stores don’t sell clothes or accessories, so when one day while browsing internet I discovered a website Everything5Pounds I literally jumped out of joy. On this website everything and anything is sold at only 5Pounds. I was so jealous of UK people at this point and only felt normal when I discovered that they ship to India.

Everything5Pounds Website Review And Shopping Experience

I knew that intimate hygiene is important and what all you can do to maintain it. But the recent session on Intimate Hygiene I attended at Ozone Ayurvedics by senior AIIMS doctor and professor Dr. Uma, was an eye opener. In this blog post today I will review Ozone Ayurvedics 1M Intimate Cream And Hygiene Wash and will also share things I learnt at the incredible session at Ozone.

Ozone Ayurvedics 1M Intimate Cream And Hygiene Wash Review