Solid perfume, what’s that? A perfume that doesn’t look like a perfume instead looks like a lip balm. Yes these were my first thoughts when I took out Vert Tranquil Solid Perfume from July month My Envy Box. I am very inquisitive about new products in market and Vert Tranquil Solid Perfume definitely arouses my curiosity to another level. I have used roll-ons before but this was something different. So in this blog post I will review Vert Tranquil Solid Perfume

Vert Tranquil Solid Perfume Review

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For a germophobe like me invention of hand sanitizer was huge. In a hot and humid country like India that to be overpopulated it is impossible to stay germ free. And finding a clean place to wash hands is not possible here. Ever since I came to know about hand sanitizers I always carry one in my bag. From past few years I have using hand sanitizers that were doing good job but didn’t smelled so great. And all look similar with transparent gel. That’s why I was so excited to try out newly launched Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer. Today I will review Himalaya Hand Sanitizers for you.

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer Review

Every month I eagerly wait for My Envy Box to arrive at my doorstep. I feel so excited whenever the courier guy handover me My Envy Box. No matter what I am doing, I will leave that work and unbox My Envy Box. Its July month and I expected the box colour to be green and yes here it is. My Envy Box July 2017 box is leafy green in colour and represents the colour of monsoon, greenery, freshness. Keep reading to know what all I received in this month’s box.

My Envy Box July 2017 Review

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Summer is the season to style comfy clothes. This is another look that I have created. Nothing except that bag and sunglasses is a branded in this look.

Summer Look #2 – Comfy & Stylish Wear for Outings, Office

We can be so modern and may be say Indian attire is difficult to carry on daily basis. But when it comes to choose a dress for wedding season or other ceremonial function we always prefer to go for Indian attire. One of the best Indian attire is Lehenga Choli. This dress never goes out of fashion.

All Indian girls love to spend on lehenga choli and are ready to go miles to get that one best attire. We don’t mind going to that designer store far away in the city or even a market that is miles away from home and if we end up buying a piece that doesn’t make us look good on the occasion than no one on this earth can make up for our bad mood. In this writeup today I will share few tips (that I have learnt from my mistakes) on how to pick your Lehenga Choli so that you don’t make a mistake even by mistake.