You know what is my idea of enjoying a cold winter evening? A cup of strong coffee, piece of dark chocolate and my eyes glued to my favorite show on screen. I am very simple at heart. I am someone who loves shopping chocolates and trying out new chocolates from different brands around the world. I somehow don’t understand those creatures who don’t like chocolates. One such brand that caught my eye in past few weeks is Didier And Frank.

Didier And Frank Dark Chocolates Review

January is here and with dripping temperatures skin is becoming more and more demanding as extreme cold results in dry and dehydrated skin. I always stock skincare products that would benefit my skin and whenever I decide to buy new products the first brand in my list is definitely Biotique. Why because Biotique products are made of 100% pure and natural extracts and supply the required moisture and nutrients crucial to my skin’s health. 

Biotique Winter Skincare And Wellness Products Review

January month Glamego Box is the first beauty subscription box that I received for 2018. I was so excited to unbox it as Glamego is known for sending some of the best products each month. So here I am today with January 2018 Glamego Box Unboxing And Review 

January 2018 Glamego Box Unboxing And Review

Hi Friends,

Fashion and Beauty are no doubt the best examples of secularism. Well why not? They both never distinguish between religion, skin colour or even gender. The proof was North East Fashion Week that witnessed a plus size model on ramp Naaz Joshi. 

Naaz Joshi

We all love food; when we are sad, we eat; when are happy, we eat; when we are hungry, then obviously, we eat!

Food: There’s a lot more to it than eating