I eagerly wait every month for my “My Envy Box”.  It is a great way to surprise you. I always calculate how much value I am going to get this month. 

my envy box january 2017 review and unboxing
My Envy Box January Edition Box
Cold and dry winters lead to chapped lips. What you need is a good lip balm that not only heals your dry and chapped lips but also makes them smooth and soft. I keep on investing in lip balms as I use lot of them. Today in this post I am going to review Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm.

Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Review
Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm
As a cosmic principle, Karma is the law of cause and effect. It is a time-tested understanding that Karma treats everyone equally. If you harm others, harm will come to you but if you serve to uplift others, the benefit you receive will be in positive multiples. Even though ‘Karma’ is a household term, few know how they can increase their karmic assets in life’s balance sheet. The book, Karma Sutra, assimilates this knowledge and presents it to the contemporary man in a manner that he can relate to and imbibe from.

Acne free skin, spotless skin, clear skin can be dream for some. Some wonder why her skin is better than mine. You only need to be careful with cleaning, moisturising and toning of your skin. Now I know you must be thinking toner is not that important. Now that’s where you are not right. Toner is very important cleansing agent with anti-bacterial properties which is really helpful in keeping your skin acne free. Facial toner is undoubtedly one of the most under-rated products in Indian skin care market.

Digitalization of world has made all of us photographers to some extent. What, you just have to click your mobile and yes you have a photo on your screen. I remember as a child lot of kids used to bring their albums, photos to school to show to other classmates. Now we just whatsapp on group and we are done. The emotions with the photos don’t stay for long when you are looking at a digital image. Now when you think of getting them printed it is definitely a pain visiting photographer studio, hand him over SD card or pen drive. I used to pray that in world of apps can’t there be just one app in India where you can get your photos printed online. There were some websites for sure but trust me they charge bomb.

snapstore app review
Biotique Botanicals is one organic brand in India that is continuously working towards developing new skincare products. Biotique Botanicals have come up with new winter care skincare products. Biotique products caters to needs of all types of skin, be it chapped or dry skin, be it oily skin. I have reviewed several Biotique products here, here and here

biotique wintercare product reviews

Winters leads to dry skin, chapped skin. Only way to product our skin from harsh winds is to moisturize it really well. I keep stock of lotions, oils and creams in winters for my skin. If you don’t take care of your skin well it becomes scaly and dry in long run. Once your skin seems deteriorated it will be difficult to regain its lustre. My new addition is St D’Vence Moisturizer Winter Edition. I have reviewed its facewash and aloe vera gel on my blog. Today I am going to review St. D’Vence Moisturiser Winter Edition.

St. D'vence Moisturiser shea butter review

Braun lets you in on the secret things only seasoned epilator users know

We dare you to make the switch and see for yourself. Warning, side effects include experiencing non-stop beautifully smooth, silky skin that you won’t be able to keep your hands off!

braun epilator review

I recently unboxed and reviewed December month The Violet Box and My Envy Box. I thought why I don’t do an interesting comparison between the two on several interesting factors.

the violet box vs my envy box

I literally wait for every new day as I hope that upcoming day will bring something good for me. Similarly every month I eagerly wait for envy box to come out and surprise me. My Envy Box have become an inevitable part of my life these days. I look forward to receiving one each month. Best thing about envy box is that they try to bring new brands each time and that way you feel happy and special about yourself.

my envy box december 2016
If you have watched Jolly LLB (yeah the one with Arshad Warsi) and liked it then I am sure you were waiting for its Jolly LLB 2 Trailer (part 2). I was excited for its part two for two reasons. One Akshay Kumar was starring in it and second film is inspired by true events. This film is directed by Subhash Kapoor, produced by Fox Star Studios. Film is set to release on 10th February, 2017


Long working hours, pollution leads to exhaustion, stress and eye fatigue. Moreover improper diet, less sleep leads to eye bags, puffy eyes and dark circles. I know you have tried best product for dark circles, you have best dark circle removal cream but that is not working. You are now worried how to reduce dark circles. 

how to remove dark circles permanently

Aloe Vera gel is definitely an essential part of my daily skincare regime. I follow a certain skincare regime for oily skin in winters which I will share with you all soon. I got couple of products in my St D’Vence London Skincare Haul and aloe vera gel was one of them. I was really impressed from the products by their look and design. I have already reviewed St. D’Vence London Face Wash on blog and today I am going to review St D’Vence London Aloe Vera Gel

St. D'Vence products review

Biotique Botanicals is one of my favorite herbal products brand in India. Biotique Herbal Products ranges from skincare to hair-care to cosmetics. Previously on blog I have reviewed Biotique Botanicals Face Wash, Biotique Botanicals Tan Removal Scrub, Biotique Botanicals Soap, Biotique Botanicals Body Lotion. You can check how these products together can make a perfect skincare regime, click to read here how

Biotique products for kids and babies

You feel hungry during the day for most of us our go to snack is munching chips. Normally in market we find potato chips and every brand offer like similar flavors. So there are literally not many options for us to choose from. But not anymore with the introduction of Terra Chips in Indian snacks market. 

terra exotic chips launched in india

If you guys follow me on my instagram, you will know that I recently went to Tata Hexa Experience Centre at Gurgaon. I was so excited to be there that I kept on posting about the event.

tata hexa gurgaon

Glam Treasure is a new entrant in the world of subscription boxes. Good thing is that every subscription box provider is trying to bring something new. This is a great way to introduce ourselves to New Makeup Brands in India, New Skincare Brands In India. 


I recently shopped from estore of Shoppers Stop for Loreal Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation. I will tell you why I shopped from Shoppers Stop estore. This estore is online extension of Shoppers Stop

Loreal Magique Review

Madame Tussauds is one of the favorite tourist attraction all over the world. People from all over the world visit this favorite museums to get clicked with their favorite stars, celebs (obviously their wax statue). Indians have lot of craze for Madame Tussauds.

madame tussauds in india

Wang Deshun is referred to as Hottest grandpa on social internet. He has changed the way how fashion industry works. Fashion industry don't bother to work with older models but Wang Deshun who stays fit with his three hour work-out regime, who has taught modelling and organized fashion shows in his earlier days is breaking the internet with his runway swagger. 

Whenever I eat anything first thing that hits me is that how nutritious it is. Eating right and moreover right kind of nutrients is very essential for me. My curiosity, my profession have made me a wanderer (be it a wanderer in virtual world). Recently I came across a healthier meal option myDaily which is the innovation of Four Fountains team Anurag Kedia, Saurabh Garg and Sunil Rao. 

food replacement meals

Recently I took a day off from work and went to Agra on one day trip with my family. When we decided on trip just three days before the shock of demonetization came and we thought that we have to cancel our Taj Mahal Tour plan. But then we decided no this is the real challenge, why not face it. My sister was really determined to make this trip a success. She stood in line and got Rs. 4,000 exchanged. It took her nearly three hours but what we experienced on the trip was worth it. We figured out that we have only Rs. 2,000 in hundred Rs. notes and that’s it. So we had total of Rs. 6,000 in new notes for the trip. Keep reading to know how we managed to complete same day Agra tour by car. 

delhi agra one day tour package

Every now and then I am trying new face wash brands for you all so that I can share my reviews here and then you can decide accordingly if you wish to invest or not in the same. Mine is acne prone skin, so I always prefer antibacterial face wash for my skin. You must have seen my recent St D’Vence haul video here where you will get to know what all products I got. So here I am today with my first St D’Vence London product review. My today’s review is for St D’Vence London Face Wash.

st d'vence london face wash review

I don’t want to go for check-up. I am not suffering from any kind of disease; I am fit that why should I go for check-up. These were some of the many notions among women of Nakhrola, Manesar when they were suggested to attend check-up camp by Mr. Subhash Yadav an active social worker from the same village. It took him considerable effort to convince ladies of his village to attend breast cancer awareness camp.

breast cancer awareness month

Hello Friends,

My Envy Box never fails to impress me. November month marks the beginning of winters and so is my envy box. The esteemed brand has designed their November month box by keeping all winter skincare, hair care needs in mind. There are two full size and three sample size products in my envy box. Click here to subscribe to myenvybox

November 2016 my envy box is dedicated to organic products. All key organic brands like The green meadow, fuschia, neemli, aerth and vert products are packed in November month box. Check out my video on you tube and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

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Nowadays kids understand that they can watch TV shows “on demand” on a range of devices, from the family tablet to a parent’s smartphone. There is now a growing collection of apps serving these habits, from established broadcasters to internet companies. We bring you top five dedicated video-on-demands apps for kids to entertain and educate them

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