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This is ThinkFrill subscription box unboxing for Duchess La Coffer. Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you like my videos.

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This is my own mantra that when life is not giving you good surprises, then surprise yourself with subscription boxes. I am on unending quest to try out new subscription boxes in the market. Think Frill is a new and premium brand that has entered the market for subscription boxes. It is an eCommerce cum subscription Box Company and has an online store for beauty products. Brand has plans to introduce subscription boxes for men in near future. Their first of many launches is La Coffer Subscription Box. This is a period subscription box designed especially for women by taking into consideration all women needs during her period.

When your heart is broken be it any reason you feel that world has come crashing down. You don't feel like talking to anyone. You just want to stay in your cocoon and cut off from rest of the world. Heartbreaks or breakups are part of life and these should be dealt with, and not run away from. Only a month time is enough to deal with it. Through this article R&W will share some practical tips to deal with heartbreak.

Basil or Tulsi had been an important part of our households. Even today lot of Hindu families have one sacred Basil plant in their homes. Basil is known for its purity and healing benefits. In this post I will tell you ten health and skincare benefits from Basil. After reading this post I am sure you would like to have your own Basil plant at your home.

You walk in a showroom and suddenly everything changes around you. It felts like you have just walked in a dream. Your mind and soul are elevated because of beauty, heavenly feeling. Then suddenly someone tap your shoulder and you are back to reality. This is what happened to me when I visited BoConcept showroom. 


Check my new video for my summer hair care routine in summers. I have also shared some simple and practical tips to control hair fall. If you like my videos please subscribe to my youtube channel by clicking here.

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Megha Gupta
Fruit salad tastes fantastic to taste buds. Have you ever tasted films salad? No, then you must watch Junooniyat movie trailer. This is upcoming film directed by Vivek Agnihotri and starring Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam and Hrishita Bhatt in lead roles. It is releasing on 24th June.

Dubai is one such country that fascinates me a lot. I have heard a lot of good things about Dubai. Lot of our relatives have been to Dubai. I have this wish in my heart to take my family on vacation to Dubai. I wish to visit Dubai with my family sometime in future. A holiday for me should be like a holiday with no hassles involved in travelling, stay, sightseeing etc. I would never want to be in a phase where I am working hard to make my holiday a success. If I am constantly worried about arrangements on trip than it was better that I had stayed back. There should be no tension of commuting or stay with me or my family whenever I plan to go out on a holiday.


New video is out on my youtube channel reviewandwriteup. It is a fun video where I have shared some facts about 90's kids like what they used to think about film industry. It is fun and a must watch guys. I am sure lot of you will be able to relate to this. Please subscribe to my channel if you like it.

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Megha Gupta
For me everything is wrong about Indian summers be it heat, humidity, smell, harsh sunlight, dry and hot wind. Only good thing is that summers give you an opportunity to have variety of fruits. I love fruits and enjoy having them all the time. You should also relish juicy and tasty fruits in summers. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants which are good for health and skin. I have listed must have top five fruits.

Summers are equal to humidity, perspiration, bacteria and therefore body odour. Believe it or not Indian people are known as the stinky people in whole world. There are reasons to it as well. Infact while travelling in metro I myself have observed well educated girls and boys stinking that you wish to get out of metro immediately. Some people live in this notion that they don’t smell bad. You have to understand every person will stink if he or she is not taking proper care. What are the things that you can do to stay odour free in summers?

R&W brings you the list of five films that are releasing in June. You can plan you June accordingly.

There is a saying these days that “If Nawazuddin Siddhiqui can happen, anything can happen” People say this because everyone is aware that he started with minute roles in films and who knew that one day he will be doing meaty roles in some of the big films of Bollywood. His talent has brought him here and he definitely inspires lot of youth that determination is the key to success. His life, his journey gives a lesson that your journey could be long, tiring, and full of stones but if you are determined and have talent than one day you will definitely get what you have always desired. In this writeup R&W has listed down his top five roles till date.

I usually travel to office by using Shuttl. It is a travel service that has become really popular in Delhi NCR and caters to daily travelling needs of working people. You have to download app, recharge it and you can book cab as and when required. It is a convenient and cheap option to travel provided they are giving AC traveller buses.

Indian market is flooded with foreign brands. This is the reason why at times lot of Indian brands are also confused as foreign brands. In this writeup I have listed five brands that are actually Indian but lot of people are under impression that they are foreign.

Schools are over and now you are struggling to get admission in some decent college. Here is a thing, you don’t enjoy studying. But you don’t know what to do if you don’t do a regular degree. In this writeup I would like to suggest five career options that are different from regular studies and can give you lot of earnings. You need only two things to succeed determination and patience.

Whenever I hear word handmade, organic my senses instantly guide me towards those products. I am very experimental and always look forward to try out new products. I prefer handmade soaps for my skin because they are organic. I recently got soaps from SoapSquare India.

About Soap Square – Brand focuses primarily on handmade soaps using essential oils, glycerine and other natural ingredients. Theirs are the vegetarian soaps that contains real fruit extracts and absolutely no parabens or petrochemicals. I got two soaps neem and tea tree oil and saffron with shea butter.

I am sure after watching my video you guys know now that how much I enjoy blogger meets. I try to be part of every meet but due to busy schedule I have to skip at times. But yes there are some meets like the meet by Indiblogger that I always make sure to attend. Best thing about Indiblogger is that they are unbiased and don’t have a preference of one blogger over another. Their recent blogger meet at Lalit, New Delhi with Horlicks India was one of the best meets ever.

Yesterday at an event one of my dear friend complimented me that I have lost some weight. Trust me for a girl this compliment means everything. I was so happy. She asked me how I managed to shed few kgs. The biggest reason behind me being a chubby girl is my love for sweets, chocolates etc. I love sweets to that extent that I can have a whole meal full of variety of sweets. Yeah I am that weird. Leaving sweets for me is not possible. But yes from last two months I have been able to control my sweet cravings. In this writeup I will be sharing my secrets of taming sweet tooth.

I am working on my blog post when I got a call. It is from some bank and they are offering me personal loan. I said I don’t want it. My belief is that once I said that I don’t need any loan I won’t get any calls. But no my nightmare has just kicked in. I am sure you must also be receiving atleast one call every day for personal loan like me.

Last week one of the prestigious wedding planners of Delhi launched their mobile app. This app will facilitate clients to browse various vendors listed and chose best one for their wedding planning. Similarly vendors will also be able to find right audience for their craft specialization.

Periods or menstruration cycle is an inevitable part of every girl’s life. It has been seen that some girls go through severe pain, mood swings during those five days of month. Lot of girls are so scared of those five days that they feel like taking off or skipping office. Through this article R&W would like to share some tips that can help you feel better during those days.

Content is the king and audience are not stupid. People are spending their hard earned money in multiplexes and everyone wants to see good cinema. A good story always work whether it is based on some reality or it is completely fictional. One such upcoming film is Madaari. 

In the infinite saga of my bloggers meet there is a new addition. It was an honour to be part of Parryware Blogger Meet or Mom’s Day Out. I am not a mom yet, but my blog is like my kid. I am very possessive about my kid. So it was day out for me as well. It was held at their only display studio in Gurgaon. The meet was organized by the brand and had invited lot of bloggers and writers to be part of it. Event was planned in the afternoon and was dedicated to pamper moms with a special makeover and styling session.

Yeah it is time for another restaurant review. It feels awesome to be invited to amazing places and try out anything of your choice from their vast menu.

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This time I went for Asian Designer Week which was held at JLN Stadium, New Delhi. My experience this time was different than before. As I get to see the rehearsals. It is fun to watch rehearsals like how models are not doing right and then the trainer is scratching her head and all. They were playing pranks on each other and it was delightful sight.