Swine Flu Go Away

Hi Friends, 

I hope you all are staying healthy and fit. I had to go to Fortis today as my baby sister had some symptoms of Swine Flu. Final reports will come by tomorrow. On initial basis she has been declared fine. I wanted to share from my experience, what doctor has told me.

If you observe symptoms like cough, cold, severe pain in body, fever doesn’t take it lightly. Rush to nearby hospital immediately. Swine Flu could be cured with plain medicines if detected early. Disease has various avatars. Sometimes a person will cure by himself/herself like it happens in case of normal flu. Or he/she will be hospitalized. It depends from person to person. So don’t be your doctor. Take good care to avoid any kind of troubles. Get vaccination done ASAP. I just wish this world to be free of all kinds of diseases. Its painful to see your loved ones or other people around you suffering. 

Would like to share something else I observed today (you know I enjoy observing people). I don’t know what God was thinking when he created me as my mind visualizes even some serious scene in slightly funnier way. When you go to hospital you expect there will be sad people all around (at least I do, I Imagined scene like of film where every one in hospital is praying, worried) , worried people running from this department to that. Some were really sad and there were lot interesting items there. Like there were two girls who were busy taking selfies in front of large dummy tooth on hospital floor (hum koi mauka nahi chodenge ek perfect profile pic lene ka). Then there was a family (all senior citizens), the senior most among the group was swine flu patient who was sitting on wheel chair and waiting for his turn. The ladies in the group were dressed perfectly, with right makeup, jewelry, Michael Kores bag, matching shoes. Everything was just perfect (except ummm something). They were busy bitching about something in one corner and the patient with mask on his face was talking over phone to some body telling yes I have reached hospital. That was really funny scene. Then in one end there was a girl talking over phone and she looked like she was strolling around in a park, hahaha. Trust me for a moment I forgot if I was sitting in a hospital.

Anyways it’s always good to see happy faces at the end of day. 

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