Organic Harvest Lip Balms Review

Winters is equal to dry lips. January was really dry, no rain at all. Dry winters often take toll on my poor skin. Lips also need great care. I have to apply, re-apply lip balm in every hour or two to keep my lips moisturized. I was definitely looking forward to buy some economical and good quality lip balms. This type I gifted myself some Organic Harvest Lip balms. I got pomegranate, green apple and shea butter flavors.

About the Brand – Organic Harvest specializes in organic beauty products. The brand use high concentration of natural extracts in their products. Esteemed brand has launched organic lip balms in four variants Pomegranate, Green Apple, Shea Butter and Strawberry. These are decently priced at just Rs. 149 only. Click here to buy.

Packaging – This is cutest packaging I have ever come across. Round ball like, twist to open lip balms. I can play as well as take care of my lips. It’s easy to locate in a messy handbag like mine. My worry was how long its twisting will last. To my surprise packaging is quite sturdy and doesn’t break easily. Twister works fine as I open and close my lip balm ‘n’ number of times.

Claims of Brand – There are no artificial colors in Organic Harvest lip balms, instead they are enriched with food grade flavors. There is no beeswax in it and its gluten free. These organic lip balms removes dead skin on lips easily.

My review – All lip balms are off white in color. These are not pigmented. Each one has great scent as per their flavor. Due to winter’s balm were frozen. Texture of balms was smooth, non-greasy. When I applied it first time I felt nothing. I have to swipe it twice and thrice to actually feel some moisture on lips. I have to apply two-three times to feel it on lips. I think it’s due to cold. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that lip balm keep my lips nourished for good two-three hours with light drinking and eating. With so much regular swiping this lip balm would last for 45 days. Its packaging distinguish it from other lip balms in market. I didn’t had chapped lips so don’t know if they will treat chapped lips or not. But using a product gives you an idea about it. I think they will work on chapped lips.

  • Cute packaging
  • Great variants
  • Nice scent
  • Keep lips moisturized
  • Regular usage keeps lips nourished
  • Decently priced
  • Sturdy packaging
  • None
R&W Rating - 4.5/5 

R&W Recommendation – Next time you want to buy a new lip balm go for this one

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Megha Gupta