The Nature Co Body Butter Review

In my last post about the Anherb FaceWash I am using these days, I mentioned that I am also using a body butter simultaneously. That body butter is Nature’s Co. White Peach Body Butter. This body butter is basically for normal skin but basically skin of rest of body other than face generally comes under category of normal skin. Do you agree with me?

Ingredients – White peach extract, kokum butter, grape seed oil, vegetable glycerin, cream base, aroma, natural preservatives, food grade colors

Packaging – 270ml Nature’s co body butter is housed in round, translucent plastic jar that has green color twist to open cap. Whole packaging is in combination of white green color that very well define Nature’s co. I got 270ml and price of 200 ml for Rs. 1,295. Click here to buy online. Since the tub is heavy I won’t recommend it for travel purposes. I prefer to travel light. I carry only 100ml bottle with me. The body butter was sealed with strong foil that you can remove once you decide to put the product to use.

My experience – In this spring season I was looking for non-greasy, really light moisturizer for my skin so that my skin is happy and stays refreshed. After bath my daily ritual is to moisturize my skin well. I have been using this body butter from last one month. When I got this body butter it was already Feb I thought what the use is now as winters are gone. I assumed it could be one of those greasy lotions. Thanks to Nature’s co it was not. It’s really light moisturizer that seeps into my skin very easily. Even after five hours of application skin looked smooth and silky. There were no signs of dry skin due to its regular usage. Fragrance of this body butter lingers for few minutes. During March the wind that is blowing can make your skin look scaly so it’s important to take great care of your skin. Don’t step out without moisturizing it. Body butter is white in color with slight greasy texture but when you apply it doesn’t feel greasy at all. My skin has become visibly bright and soft due to its regular usage. Even guys can use it. I think this will suit their skin perfectly.

  • Body butter is light for skin
  • Good for spring as well as summer season
  • Skin stays nourished for long hours
  • Make skin silky, smooth with its regular usage
  • Smells good
  • It could be used both by men and women
  • Packaging not travel friendly
R&W Rating – 4/5

What is your skincare routine?

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Megha Gupta 


  1. A body butter that works in summer. This sounds great. I've got to give it a try.

  2. Somehow without even touching I like butters in tubs. They make me feel hydrated. :)