How To Control Sweet Cravings And Loose Weight

Yesterday at an event one of my dear friend complimented me that I have lost some weight. Trust me for a girl this compliment means everything. I was so happy. She asked me how I managed to shed few kgs. The biggest reason behind me being a chubby girl is my love for sweets, chocolates etc. I love sweets to that extent that I can have a whole meal full of variety of sweets. Yeah I am that weird. Leaving sweets for me is not possible. But yes from last two months I have been able to control my sweet cravings. In this writeup I will be sharing my secrets of taming sweet tooth.

Motivation – I wanted to be prim and proper from so long. I was never so motivated until I started visiting blogger meets. I got to meet so many pretty bloggers who look so good because of their trimmed figure and personality. That motivated me a lot to shed some weight. I am being really honest here darling and you have to give me credit for that.

Curbing on expenditure – I made a rule for myself that I will have chocolate only if it is gifted by someone else. From last few months I haven’t bought a single chocolate from my money. I don’t get so many chocolates as gifts so that way I was able to shed few kilos. If you are planning to gift me anything please give me perfumes not chocolates so that I can maintain my weight.

Finding substitutes – Banana is undoubtedly one of my favourite fruit. I have started having it as dessert. Whenever I feel like eating sweet I eat a banana. That way I am able to get healthy, glowing skin and simultaneously I managed to loose some weight.

Raw Mangoes – These days I try to keep raw mangoes in my fridge. Whenever I feel like eating fried snacks or anything I eat one slice of raw mango. I love raw mango and after eating one slice I don’t feel like having anything else.

Now you know how I managed to loose some weight. Please let me know of your suggestions. You can also email me at 

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