Top Five Ways To Deal With Breakup

When your heart is broken be it any reason you feel that world has come crashing down. You don't feel like talking to anyone. You just want to stay in your cocoon and cut off from rest of the world. Heartbreaks or breakups are part of life and these should be dealt with, and not run away from. Only a month time is enough to deal with it. Through this article R&W will share some practical tips to deal with heartbreak.

First thing you have to do is to go out to mall or restaurant to have nice meal with your family and friends. You will feel relaxed and chilled out. Come to home and straight go to sleep.

Stay away from stupid sad songs and even romantic. As these songs will definitely bring tears to your eyes and you will start drooling in your past. Give your headphones to your siblings or friends to hide them from you. Listen to songs like Honey Singh, pop songs that will actually uplift your mood. 

When you are in a relationship you tend to spend hours on phone. What one misses after break up in long talks on phone. You will start staring at phone with hope that it will ring from same number. Don't do that to yourself. Try to stay away from your phone for atleast a month. Delete all old messages, call history from your phone. Use your phone to attend only necessary calls. Else appoint your friends or family to take your phone away from you. 

Life becomes hell if you are alone when you are dealing with heartbreak. Try to stay with your friends, family for as long as you can. Request them to be with you always. Be alone only when you have to sleep. Play games, watch films (only action, no romance, no drama) to stay up till the time your eyes and body give up. 

Even after so many days of strictness you feel like speaking to your ex. Don't be too hard on yourself. Call him/her, once you are done talking, you will feel guilt that why on earth you called that person again and you will vow not to call. 

Follow these steps for one month and you will come over your grief. I am not saying don't value your relationship. You obviously have spent good time with that person. Keep good memories with you and delete rest. May be that relationship wasn't meant for long period. 

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Megha Gupta 

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  1. Hi Megha
    Breakups happen in everyone's life and we are living in a time where everyone have one already. But for a few one's dealing with a breakup takes a lot of time and that pull them back a year or two. So, your tips for getting out of the grief of a breakup in less time are very helpful. must read for those who feel insecure in a relationship or have got one recently.