Eves The Pink Tag Soaps Review

Secret to lustrous, healthy skin is usage of good quality skincare products. We should try to use maximum products that are free of chemicals. Lot of times we end up buying herbal skincare products and we think that we have done everything to protect our skin. But what about bathing soaps? Don’t you think we need to use best quality handmade soaps for our skin? This is the reason why I kept on exploring for new variants of handmade and herbal soaps for you guys. This is my way of helping you guys so that you know what type of handmade soaps you can invest your hard earned money into. My recent handmade soaps haul is from Eves – The Pink Tag

About the brand – Eves The Pink Tag is creation of Safia Ali who is a young entrepreneur based in Hyderabad. The brand manufactures anything and everything handmade. She is working with ayurvedic doctors to develop various products. I got two soaps one is lavender and second one is mud soap. These are priced at Rs. 150 each.

Packaging – Eves soaps were wrapped in thin transparent plastic sheet with small labels at both front and back indicating about brand, soap variant and price. Brand sent those soaps in a nice cardboard box along with sample size bottle of Just Herbs Sun protection gel. I will be keeping this sun gel in my travel kit.

My experience – Eves The Pink Tag soaps are 100% natural, vegan, halal and organic soaps. This is the first time I have seen soap has mentioned about it being halal. Both the soaps have distinct fragrance and its little sticky, unpolished look reveal that these are handmade. I was so excited to try these soaps especially lavender one which looks like a flower. I love keeping variety of soaps in my soap dish so that my bathroom is always fragrant. Both these soaps have really nice and soothing fragrance. Both the soaps are gentle on skin. They might feel little bit harsh in the beginning as these are handmade. After two wash you will see that their surface has become plain and polished. These soaps do not form so much lather like sulphate rich soaps which is a good thing. In summers especially as an oily skin person I don’t feel like applying moisturizer at all after bath, but I have to apply at least sunscreen on my exposed skin. These soaps have made my life easy as I don’t have to apply any body lotion at least when I am staying inside my house. Soap gets washed away easily and leaves behind soft, supple, moisturised and nourished skin. Their regular usage gives healthy glow to skin. By using loofah you can economize its usage so that these last for long.

  • These are 100% natural soaps
  • Soaps are moisturizing
  • Easy to wash away
  • Has mild fragrance
  • Adds healthy glow to skin
  • Flower shape
  • Free of any kind of cruelity
  • These are little slippery
R&W Rating – 4/5

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Megha Gupta


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