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Do you guys remember the movie Kahaani? I am still in awe of that film due to its great storyline, amazing performances by whole star-cast. 2016 is going to end well as Kahaani 2 will be releasing on 2nd December. We can begin our new year celebrations from the first week of december itself. I will not just one or two but total five reasons why we should watch Kahaani 2 

kahaani 2 review
Trailer - The movie trailer is out and I must say this looksVid awesome. I didn't even wanted to blink while watching the trailer. It increases the anxiety more to know what will happen, how will happen.

Vidya Balan - Undoubtedly her movies are rich in content and it gives you realism feeling. You can feel connected to her characters for the sake of simplicity in them. She looks just like a simple Indian girl. Normally all girls can't afford to look like well maintained all day long or they just don't know how to look good. She establishes a connect with normal girls, working women who are struggling with everyday life and don't have time to look glamorous. 

Direction - Kahaani 2 is directed by Sujoy Ghosh who was the director of first part and many other films that were rich in content. I have to say that he knows the art of storytelling through his movies. His story yet seems complicated in the beginning is presented in simplistic possible manner that you won't be lost like ohh what happened? I didn't get the scenes. Things like these doesn't happen. 

Story - I can bet on that this is going to be again an interesting thriller story to watch on screen. Kahaani story was the best. There was not even a small glitch in that film and there are high stakes on this film as well. 

Break - This movie will be definitely a breather for us from all these rom-com movies. At times I feel rom-com gets too much on our screens. I need an escape to thriller to revive my senses. 

I hope that this writeup was something that you can also relate to. Please let me know what you think of Kahaani 2 Trailer and everything about the film ? 

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