The Good You Can Do To Make This World A Happy Place

A girl next to me was applying soap on her hands and the tap was open. She washed her hands and then she took some tissues to wipe them. Still, the water was running from the tap, and that’s when I closed the tap. She didn’t even flinch. With a frown on her face, she left the washroom and I stood there wondering how could someone can teach others  to be nice to the world and save our important but scarce resources.

I often hear people having huge discussions on how they can change the world but leave the place with chips packets on the floor. That just drives me crazy. There is a section of people in the whole world which is trying to do their part in making this world a better and happy place to live in. For e.g. 100 pipers is recently running a series of inspirational videos that shows how a small good deed of ours can make a difference.

I loved their cute new videos on the theme The Good You Can especially the one called Save Between Strokes. You don’t have to do a peace walk around the world to make a difference. Your small deeds like saving water, being careful while using fresh water, optimum utilization is what you have to do so that you can save water.

If one person does not keep the tap running while brushing teeth or applying soap on hands or remembers to shut it at the right time, that person can save more than 15 lakh litres of water. When you collect a little everyday over a lifetime, the volume is huge.

Now imagine this situation from both the angles. One person is wasting water by being careless and another person is saving. What if hundreds or thousands are wasting water like this but there are very few people to save it? Imagine the amount of wastage and parity between utilization and waste.

Water is available for us free of cost, but we can’t even imagine how much hard work our government and officials put in to bring clean water to our places. Imagine those people who don’t have access to even glassful of clean water. Just don’t be careless for resources because they are easily available to you.

Next time when you sit down with your group of friends, discuss what each of you does to contribute for the society in a better way. Small good deeds make a huge difference. You don’t need to break mountains to make a change. Just change your careless attitude towards society and your life and trust me you will feel so happy to see happy faces around you.

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Megha Gupta


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