Handloom Writing A New Fashion Statement

Finely woven and dyed cotton fabrics were in usage since Indus Valley civilization. Prior to British rule, imperialism and colonization all kinds of natural fabrics like khadi, jute, silk were hand woven. I remember a tale my nani told me once about how she weaved her own wedding saree. She shared that it took days to weave that one saree. But that makes the fabric, the dress all the way more precious.

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In earlier days everyone used to wear hand woven clothes. Since they were hand woven so production was less but quality and designs were unique. Once handloom take a shift to powerloom the focus shifted to faster spinning and weaving, embroidery and finesse.

Last week I went for a wedding and I saw my aunt saree was looking really classy and different from the rest. I asked her about the secret. She said this is a hand woven saree. I was overwhelmed to experience the difference for the first time. Undoubtedly hand woven fabric stands out from the rest. She used design of old saree of her mom and got oneself made by traditional artisan from her paternal village.

Lot of people from different states like UP, MP, and even Punjab are interested in hand woven fabrics. There are lot of people who wish to have at least one or two handloom fabric in their cupboard. And why not when you go to mall and lay your eyes over a kurta or suit, you instantly realize oh my god this is the same piece my colleague has? As a girl, as a woman we love having something in our wardrobe that no one has. Women these days want to look trendy as well as classic at the same time. A handloom fabric is capable in transforming your look. Sensing this abrupt change in Indian clothing market various local shopkeepers, online stores are claiming to sell handloom. But the key here is whether you are getting authentic handloom?

When I saw my aunt wearing handloom fabric the other day and I instantly was comparing with machine made, I realized that how beautiful and classy handloom looks. I always believed in machine made clothes but this experience has changed my point of view. I am myself looking forward to invest in atleast one hand-woven dress for myself.

I will say don’t believe what I am telling you, experience yourself and I am sure you will tell me that every product is a piece of art.

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Megha Gupta


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