Home Buying Tips For Single Women

Home Buying Tips for Single Women Single Women is a new term that has been introduced to us again and again. Being a single woman is a great thing in itself. Gone are days when a girl was supposedly dependent on her father before marriage and on husband after marriage. 

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Nowadays girls are working on high paying jobs and some girls are doing very well financially. Lot of working girls like me have dreams to buy a house of their own. There are two ways either you take a home loan and buy or another one is plan your savings in such a way that you are able to reap maximum benefits out of it. 

SIP mutual fund investments are a hit these days; your skills are tested here to choose the right one. Recently Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited has come up with new SIP investment plan that you can choose as per your dream. Girls are really good when it comes to saving money. The only thing we need to learn at times is how to maximize our savings. When we are earning well, why not buy a house of our own. 

In this digital world trust me when I am shopping for lot of things online, than to get some basic answers related to best sip plans I don't want to go to any office or bank. I prefer a way to check for various plans online on my laptop by munching popcorn. Being a finance geek I enjoy reading finance related news while having some popcorn. I started my search from top sip plans in India and landed on Birla Sun Life website

Birla Sun Life has made this easy by installing an online calculator on their website pertaining to various SIP plans that you can choose from according to your dream. 

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For example my dream is to buy a house of my own so I will click here, and on this page I will then click home out of six options. 

On the slider choose the year by which you wish to buy your home and how much value you wish to invest for your dream house. Once you will hit next, you will be asked to choose options to make website understand your risk appetite. Then again you have to update your credentials like age, income, savings percentage and then hit next. You will see that how much money you need to invest per month in order to achieve that goal. Once you have that information then you can plan well. You can check how much savings do you have, how much you can pay every month for SIP investment. Birla Sun life chooses some of the best mutual funds for SIP so that your savings maximize in less time period. Planning at right time is important to achieve your goal. Think well, do your research and make a move.

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