Why So Gay?

I was standing outside mall and suddenly two guys dressed very differently showed up and next thing I witness was they were flirting with my male friends. That’s when I realize oh they were gay.

Who is a gay? This was the first question that popped up in my mind. Enlighten me if I am wrong, a male is categorized as gay if he wants to have another male as his beloved rather than a female. A gay won’t be excited to see a female and if I state it clearly he can never be sexually aroused by a female. 

My blog, my writing career has given me a lot of opportunities to attend fashion shows and various other fashion related events. In such events I have come across lot of gay designers, PR persons, media persons and so many influential gay people on regular basis. I have no issues with whatsoever choice you have or who you are. In these events I have observed that these gay men choose to dress differently (weird actually). They are neither dressed properly like male nor like female. Crazy hairstyles, crazy makeup, loud clothes and on top their behaviour sets them apart (not in a good way though). 

Recently I was at this fashion show when I witnessed a gay who was dressed in black dhoti kurta, with two buns on his head. He was wearing eye liner and lipstick but hasn’t shaved his beard (weird, right?). He was wearing hair accessories in his bun and trusts me he was fluttering like a butterfly everywhere. He was shouting in his shrill voice and was jumpy about, like everything. Like suppose if any waiter offered him champagne he was like “ohhhhh my my I love champagne” “your dress is beautiful honey” “those kebabs are too oily for me, I want to have those but I am on strict diet plan”. You know why I pointed this out? Almost everybody was laughing at him or atleast was amused by his fluttering. I genuinely felt bad for him, but I know that somewhere he was responsible because of his behaviour. It wasn’t just him there were so many like him around. I also met few gays who were dressed up like any normal guy, were behaving properly but you understand in a minute or two that they are gay. But no one was making fun of the latter. This is normal, but former ones are too much. Their philosophy is that they want to behave like females. 

All my life I never came across any female who behaves like that. I get it you are gay, but why you have to behave in a certain way. Why you have to be dress up in such a way that any normal person gets confused whether to address you as he or she? If you are dressed up like a female and if someone addresses you 'she' than you feel very bad. Tell me what is the fault of that poor person? Why can’t you be dressed like a normal male and feel happy for who you are? Gays can be as normal as any other male or female but I feel it’s their over the top behaviour and dressing sense that makes people laugh at them and make them feel different. Being a gay or a lesbian should be as normal as being a male or female, that’s the way I look at it. What I am trying to say here is that when being a gay or lesbian is a natural phenomena than why few are trying too hard to make it look like an abnormal thing?

Also I want to request people that please accept them for who they are. Their talent, goodness will not be lesser just because they are 'Gay'

I may be wrong from your perspective, but I have written from what I have observed in my country India. Anyone who is reading this post might have different perspective then me. 

I have nothing against any one or any community but this is what I have observed and finally decided to pen it down. This is not just a writeup but it’s a question for everyone out there. Please help me and like-minded in understanding the whole “why so gay” thing. Feel free to comment if you feel that I have wrongly interpreted why so gay thing. 

Stick to R&W
Megha Gupta

Pic Credits - The Guardian


  1. Yes I agree. They try to hard to fit in, when what they do is the opposite.

  2. Great article buddy.
    Very informative and loved this one.
    You have written everything perfectly.

  3. There is a gay in every generation in my family. I find no big deal in dealing with them, until they talk dirty. And they can talk dirty.

    One time I was in a coffee shop with a gay cousin and I started picking his brain what it feels to be gay. Ultimately he told me everything. I wanted to rush to the toilet and puke.

    But it was a personal experience which you may not have. - http://bit.ly/2nCmlF2

  4. I think, They feel they have to be over expressive to looks like a normal person. That's why they apply extra effort which makes them unnecessarily noticeable in the society.
    If they treat themselves like normal people. None will go to their home to know who they actually are.
    They should first act normal and feel normal. They need to treat themselves normal first and everything will be normal.