Amanté Lingerie Brand Review

Tara was going to a house party this weekend. She had been waiting for an occasion like this for weeks. She had that perfect dress, matching footwear, matching accessories, matching bag. Everyone at the party gushed at her look and she was feeling so happy. After some time she went to the washroom for a touchup, she realized that because of the ill-fitted bra, her left breast appeared sagged as compared to the right breast. How many of you can relate to the story of Tara? I am sure many of you. It’s really shocking that more than seventy percent of women in India wear the wrong size bra. That’s why choosing the right brand is very important and for me it’s Amante

Amante Lingerie Brand Review

Amante Lingerie Review

Amante is one of the best lingerie brands in India that offers a variety of bras, panties, nightwear, swimwear, sportswear, and accessories in attractive colors and designs. The brand is known for its premium fabrics, great fitting lingerie, elastic band quality, innovative products, and durability. 

At times girls have this notion of people judging them about what they are wearing inside. It’s not about who has to see, it’s about you, yourself. It’s important to feel good from within because confidence is one accessory that every woman should accessorize with. And wearing the right kind of lingerie boosts confidence. Try this trick and you will feel the difference. 

I regularly shop for both bras and panties from the Amante website. I have always been an online shopper and post COVID I am relying more and more on online shopping. I am amazed to see new designs every time I log in. From bralettes to t-shirt bras, strapless bras and all kinds of bras are there to choose from. Think of a dress and that kind of bra is available on amanté.

I will share a few of my favorite pieces here that I have bought over and over from Amante and would like to recommend to you the same. 

Amante Every de classic concealer T-Shirt bra Review – because of its fit and design, this bra is apt for a working girl. This bra not only looks amazing but also feels. This t-shirt bra from Amante goes with all kinds of formal shirts, tops, and dresses. This bra is available in three amazing colors 

Amante Every de classic concealer T-Shirt bra Review

Amante Sheer lush bralette review - If you want to add a new bralette to your closet then my personal recommendation would be this sheer lush, gorgeous piece.  

Amante Sheer lush bralette review

Amante also has a huge collection of panties that you can choose from and these panties are also available in packs that are easy on the pocket. You can choose as per your desire and use. 

Next time you shop don’t just invest in that perfect dress, invest in a nice pair of lingerie as well.

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