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Take a look at the pic below. Kuch yaad aaya

I am sure if were a teenager during 90s you will be able to recall this commercial. I was searching for this commercial video ever since and finally found it.

I used to love watching this commercial. I don't know if it was effect of commercial or taste but Cadbury Dairy Milk became my favorite chocolate.

Lot of people loved this commercial. I don't know if it was because of cricket or dance moves or a pretty couple. Well I loved it because this commercial showcased carefree attitude towards life. You will observe that girl is so pretty and modern. She is dressed well as per style of that time. The moment batsmen hits four she jumped and danced like a mawali. We see such type of dance moves by tapori guys in wedding functions. She didn't cared at all what others will be think and just did what her heard echoed to her in that moment. Oh man for so many days I used to copy her dance moves. Recently when I found this commercial on you tube, I bought a big dairy milk and enjoyed the commercial.

This adfilm was made by Piyush Pandey for the advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.

Hit like if you wanna eat dairy milk right now
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