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I hope you are ready to welcome winters. It gets so cold in Delhi here. What I enjoy about winters is that I get to eat plenty of groundnuts, chikki, gajar ka halwa. Another thing that I enjoy is that I can stay in my bed whole day and read my favorite novels or watch a film on my laptop. I enjoy taking long walks during winter evenings as well. Try, it’s amazing to be out on a winter evening.

You know we experience so many things each day, but irony is we don’t realize all of them. Recently we had training in our office. Lot of professional was to attend the training. As it goes instructor asked each one of us to give a brief introduction which comprised of name, department we are working and hobby. Immediately lot of whispering started and there was this guy who was sitting on my table asked me how I should answer. I was little surprised with his question. I said what you do in your spare time. He said nothing. I suggested may be you like to read, play guitar, listen music. He said I don’t know. When his turn came he said he don’t have a hobby. All of sudden there was a moment of silence. At that moment I realized that it’s essential to have a hobby. Even when we appear for any interview, everyone asks about our hobby. You never know you might crack the interview merely because you have an interesting hobby. This friend of mine earned well while studying in US because of his hobby of reading tarot cards.  

I believe that we all love something to do in our spare time. Benefits of having a hobby, you don’t always need people around you. You can spend some time alone. One can use their hobby for their career as well.

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