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Merry Christmas to all,
It’s 25th December evening in India. Christmas celebrations are going on around the country. Shopping centers, markets, houses are decorated. I love all kind of decorations. Shops are full of Christmas cakes, chocolates, ice-creams and candies.
I didn’t care if it was cold outside or not. I got ready early in the morning and went out to nearby places with me sister. We also bought Christmas cake for ourselves. We went out today for lunch. It was fun. It’s chilling here in North India and I was astonished to see so many people are out of their houses to celebrate day in their own way. Lots were seen buying gifts, cakes for their loved ones. I also bought a pair of earrings for myself.

Christmas becomes more special as its closer to New Year. Schools are closed for winter vacations, offices are closed on holidays so everybody has lot of time for themselves. Parents step out with their kids to shopping centers, restaurants, malls, sports arena. Couples hang around at movie halls, ice cream parlors. India is very colorful country and it was delight to see people in bright color clothes, accessories.

Everybody seems so happy and relaxed. No one seems to be in hurry to leave. Everybody was having gala time taking selfies, clicking pictures in front of decorations. I also clicked few.

I wish that you guys have also enjoyed too. Do share your story with me.
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Megha Gupta


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