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I am a foodie. I love trying different snacks. In fact I enjoy snacking more as compare to eating whole meals. This week I am going to review top three snacks of my choice. I am sure you all will love these.

My first snack is Milano Cookies

This is one the best cookies I had in recent times. It’s a product of Parle. For all chocolate lovers out there this is worth trying. The cookie is dark brown in color with center filled with melt chocolate.

Packaging – Cookies comes in an attractive cream colored, rectangular carton box. The cover looks beautiful and product inside is same what appears on the cover. You have to credit company for amazing product.

Filling – Sometimes I have seen that companies claim chocolate filling and when we eat the chocolate is all dried up. This won’t be case with Milano Cookies. The claim is correct and it’s very tasty as well. When eaten it feels like whole treat.

Shelf value – Best thing about Milano is that each cookie comes in a separate packet. You can eat as per your desire and keep rest. It’s very easy to carry in travelling. Also you can keep in your office drawer and enjoy with a cup of coffee.  Nice way to treat yourself during the day.

Price – It comes with easy price of 30 Rupees. It should be available at good departmental store or supermarket.

Calorie – Just one is enough for a day. It's rich in calories. I know it’s not easy to resist these cookies. Chocolate is considered as good for heart. Whenever I am little tensed or stressed out due to work I always prefer to have a cookie with nice hot cup of coffee.

Overall I will give 10/10 to the product. 

My next two snacks are going to be completely different from what I have reviewed today. I hope you will like my post. Please share your responses in the comments section below.

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