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In this global world travelling has become inevitable to all of us. Reasons for travelling could be different. One might have to travel for work, business meeting, and education, moving to another city or country, or a vacation trip. Traveler can chose to travel either by car, train, bus, and plane, ship etc. depending on his/her destination, convenience, availability of option, and cost of travelling.

Whatever mode is chosen everyone expects to have safe, convenient travelling. I will be writing about various aspects involved in traveling. I will try to cover as many angles as possible. My first write up under this genre is dedicated to International travelling.

It’s a moment of rejoice when we get an opportunity to visit another part of the world. From the moment we know that we will be travelling in future to actual boarding time we are planning unconsciously all the time. It’s more exciting when we are going abroad for the first time. I would like to share few tips from my personal experience to make your travel easy.

Few terms for clear understanding

Check in luggage – the luggage which is deposited at the airline counter before collecting boarding pass.

Cabin Luggage – The Luggage that is allowed to carry inside the plane by passenger.

Piece – One suitcase, bag is referred as one piece. One piece could be from 15 kg to 30 kg depending on the airline you are flying with.

Boarding pass – When you arrive at the airport the first thing to do is going to airline counter, show them the ticket and other required documents. After verification and collecting luggage airline will give you boarding pass. It’s very important to secure boarding passes till you come out of your destined airport. You might have to retain for longer period to submit to your organization for claiming flight expenses or in case of luggage lost.

Connecting flight – For example if you are going to New York via emirates, then you have to take two flights consecutively. First from India to Dubai, then second from Dubai to New York.
Ticketing – Booking air ticket is a big job in itself. It’s very important to go through reviews of airline before booking ticket. Check their baggage policy clearly. For example if you chose to travel by Air France, it doesn’t matter what your destination is they allow only one piece in check in luggage. So you have to make sure to add another piece beforehand or can opt for another airline. Also if you are going via connecting flights some airlines line Emirates, Qatar allow you to board second connecting flight after a day or two from the first. You can confirm these details before and can plan a trip to another country. At least you don’t have to bear additional costs of travelling.

Packing – First point to consider how much weight is allowed per person by your flight. Another point to consider is for how many days you will be away from home. Shop wisely before you head out. Buy only within the limits of weight. There is no point in throwing your extra shopping in dustbin at the airport. If allowed the cost of carrying extra luggage is high. Everything these days is on internet. Check for groceries, other items you have to use online in the country you are visiting. Like when I went to USA I checked online and realized that it was very easy to find all groceries which I use in India over there. I didn’t carry extra weight then. 

These days only one bags either laptop or small suitcase is allowed as cabin luggage. It’s better to keep a small suitcase to keep your laptop and other useful documents in it. I would also suggest you to keep a pair of clothes in your cabin luggage. Just in case your check in luggage is misplaced then you have something to depend upon.

There is more in International travelling which I will be sharing in my next post.

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