Unusual but true

Hi friends,
Today I am going to share few of unusual experiences that I have encountered. You might have as well. Nothing spooky I promise.
Eye Contact – You are standing in a crowd. Let’s say at busy railway station. Suddenly you look at someone far away and at the same time he/she is staring at you. Or you are staring someone and all of sudden he/she looks back at you. No matter how far that person is standing from you. It’s a fact for which there is no explanation. As we all know eyes follow movement, in same way eyes have this power of holding attention. It’s easy to arrest attention of a wanderer. Just try staring directly at him/her. That person will surely look back.  I have established this fact by testing at times. You can give it a shot. It will be fun.
Walking/driving without looking – While you are driving or walking even if you take your eyes off the road for second, your hands and legs won’t do their job. They will stop with confusion what to do. If you want to try this fact, try at safer place.
Fallen from height – You are on your bed after a tiring day. Your eyes are closed and you are trying to sleep. All of sudden you feel that you have fallen from height. I will say not all but still good number of people has experienced it. It’s believed that between the time when we are trying to sleep and fallen asleep sometimes our soul starts floating. Because it isn’t time for us to leave earth it’s thrown back into our body. That’s why we feel the jolt.
Imagination – Human imagination has invented lot of things. Harry potter, mermaids, vampires all these stories are outcome of human imagination. It seems magical that we can imagine anything we want. However that’s not true. A human brain can’t imagine a face. That’s why in our dreams we always see faces of those people whom we have either met or have seen randomly somewhere in our lives. You will say now that you have seen some faces in your dreams which you have never seen in lives. But that’s not true. We came across different people each day. Our mind registers some unconsciously and thus they show up in our dreams. We can’t recall them, but we have seen them.

Multi-tasking a myth – These days computers are multitasking. Human being claims that they can handle multiple works simultaneously. Suppose you are preparing a presentation. You are listening to the song as well. Tell honestly when you are typing on laptop or thinking about content, can you recall what is being played in the ear? It could be other way around as well. Human brain can do one job perfectly at given time. That’s why it’s advised don’t talk while driving on roads.
Clock-Anti clock – Have you ever tried rotating one hand clockwise and another anti clock. Not able to do. It’s true that we can’t trick our hands.
Try, try, try and leave it – We have heard similar stories of successful people that they tried for several times, when they lost hope they get it. This is true. People say that when you want something like air in your life. Wish for it and leave it to Universe. Keep on working hard to achieve that goal. If even after trying it isn’t happening, leave it. Success will automatically come.
Let me know friends if you have also had similar or different experiences. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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