Whose fault is this?

Sometimes when see wrong happening around us, many people think this can’t happen to us and move on. This isn’t the way to deal. Last week again a girl was raped and whole country is talking about it. What I am observing is that everyone is busy talking about Uber Cabs. Someone writing, raising concerns for blacklisting the organization, others are in favor of its ban. Opposition is blaming Central government and so on. No one is talking about support to the victim. What she need is moral support from everyone around. If someone knows her personally never ask a question about the incident. React in a way that nothing has happened. More people will probe her more she will be hurt.
Company made a mistake as they didn’t do the background check of the driver before employing him. They should be penalized. Lot of people who are tweeting opposing ban of Cab Company doesn’t even use cabs. They travel by their own cars. Their fans are just following footsteps without even giving a single thought. Common man use cabs. A cab company always talks about ensuring safety of traveler. This horrifying incident can happen to anyone. I travel by cab on a daily basis. I have experienced that at times they could be so rude. Many times if we complain to company against driver behaviour, nothing happens. By saying this I am not saying that put whole blame on company or bans it. There should be strict action against them. This will be a lesson for every cab company out there to do double check before employing any cab driver.  

It's only that driver fault. He committed crime, no one else did. The criminal should be severely punished. In the absence of strict punishment people have become casual while committing crime. They think that nothing is going to happen. That’s where our country can prove them wrong. Our government instead of wasting time should take prompt action against this moron. What proof they are looking for? He has committed the crime, has admitted it. Case should be over immediately by announcing his punishment.

Your views might differ from mine. But, I would like to hear from you all.
Megha Gupta


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