Born Rich Perfume Review

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I would like to share a little secret of mine. I am a Piscean and therefore dreamy. I imagine sometimes if I ever host a big party and lot of guests are invited. People are coming with gifts wrapped in colorful gift wraps (that’s what I think everybody should get me a gift) and all have perfumes inside them. By end of day my room is full of perfumes like of all kinds. I always invest in perfumes. One perfume bottle of mine last for like two-three months max. For me perfume has no gender, I don’t care if some perfume is for men or ladies. All good fragrances are for me. So my endless search leads me to buy “Riya Born Rich Perfume

About the product – The perfume is manufactured by Risa Cosmetics which is an Indian company based in Uttarakhand. 

Packaging – Perfume comes in a cuboid shape cardboard box with international currency coins printed all over it. When I saw it first time I thought it’s a small book. Inside perfume bottle is there. It’s made of heavy glass and is translucent. One can see liquid easily. It has a black color cap with silver lid on top. Sprinkler like regular ones.

Claims of the product – Perfume has blended fragrance and it’s an apparel perfume.

My experience with the product – Before actually buying it I was little skeptical provided it’s a local made perfume, whether it will be good or not. You all will agree that we live in notions like these. Now I can proudly say that it was good choice. I like its name “Born Rich”. I like the bottle but it’s heavy. I don’t carry it with me anywhere because of that. It’s sturdy as well (I have already dropped twice, thank god it didn’t break). I wear it to my office. I spray all over my clothes in the morning before leaving home, and by evening the fragrance is still there on my clothes. As you all know I use public transport for travel purposes. Its fragrance is amazing. I don’t know what it is and you would like to smell it again and again. This one is men perfume; however packaging doesn’t say anything like that. When I was looking to buy another piece online I found other details. Also it’s an apparel perfume so don’t sprinkle on skin. I have tested it by sprinkling on my skin and there were no adverse effects but still prevention is better than cure. For any perfume to work longer I use little trick. First sprinkle a little on you. Count thirty and apply again. Any perfume will last few hours for sure (more depends on kind of perfume you are using)

  • Fragrance
  • Staying power
  • Bottle is sturdy
  • Affordable  

  • Bottle is heavy so not travel friendly

Price – Rs. 230 for 100 ml

R&W Rating – 5/5

R&W Recommendation – Break all the notions like local made products are not of good quality. Be ready to try out local made products as well. Big brands also have started somewhere, sometime.

Availability – Click here to buy online

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