Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser Review

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Today I am going to review Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser (DGRGFC)

About the product – This is an innovative product by Dabur. We all have been using its regular Gulabjal Dabur Gulabari from years. Gulabari is still there in market and this product is somewhat different from regular Gulabari. 

Packaging – Earlier regular Gulabari used to come in glass bottles. Then its packaging evolved to sturdy plastic bottle. (DGRGFC) also comes in a transparent plastic bottle but with sprayer on top of it. The color of liquid inside is almost nude pink. Bottle is wrapped with standard Dabur plastic wrapper with all kinds of details printed on the same. The cap of the bottle is similar to what we have on any Deodorants. I like its packaging. 

Claims of the product – DGRGFC not only cleanse but also moisturize the skin. Product works in three ways. First natural ingredients of Gulabari cleanses gently by removing dirt and giving radiant glow to skin. Second its moisturizing effect hydrates the skin. Third cooling action refreshes the skin. 

My experience with the product – I had been fan of Dabur Gulabari since my childhood. My mom used to buy one for me. For regular Gulabari I would take few drops on cotton ball and then wipe my face and arms. It was little tedious work. In this fast world I was keen to uncover something different. We all are on look for skin care products which can give us good results without working hard. Then came DGRGFC for my help. I will take the bottle, close my eyes (caution don’t spray this one to your eyes, packaging also clearly states that), spray all over my face and wipe out using tissue or cotton. Once wiped away I could see dirt on tissue. The liquid has moisturizing effect so after its removal I felt my skin soft and hydrated. It’s refreshing definitely. The product is very handy and easy to use. I carry one in my bag whenever I go for shopping or movie or anything. It’s my go to product in case I need quick cleaning of my face. With bag full of skin care products (I love buying those) I always buy the ones that have longer shelved life. You can keep it at room temperature. The product is more suitable during mild weathers like spring, beginning of summer, autumn, and end of winters. I avoid its use during extreme summers as my oily skin gets really sticky in summer and I have to wash my face like 6-7 times a day or sometimes more than that. In extreme winters I rely on good skin cream only. When used regularly it gives glow to the skin. 


  • Cleanes the skin and gives glow.
  • Hydrates and refreshes the skin
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easily available 


  • Can’t be used in extreme weather conditions (at least for my skin type I can say)

Price Rs. 75 for 100 ml 

Availability - Easily available at any cosmetic store. To buy online click here

R&W Rating 4.5/5

R&W RecommendationOverall it’s a great product to use. Suitable for all skin types. 

What you think guys? 

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