Fun Discussion #1

Hi Friends,

I hope you all are having fun on weekend. Planning for a film? You have two good options this weekend - Hawaizaada, Rahasya.

I have decided to launch a small “Fun Discussion” forum on R&W. Let’s have some chit chat together on R&W. I believe every person has a writer hidden inside. Wake him and post a little on R&W in add comments section below. 

Today’s fun topic is - Suppose you are in a shopping mall like Central (full of all kinds of branded clothes, bags, cosmetics, luggage bags, shoes, perfumes, chunky jewelry and much more) all of sudden you are given chance to pick up any three things for free. What will be those three things and share a little why you will pick those three things?

I will choose Armani Perfume, Michael Kors bag, Calvin Klein Dress

I hope central people won’t kill me, lol. It’s just a fun question. Everybody's welcome to my blog. Doesn't matter which country, place, city you are from. Imagine a shopping place you like and post.   

If you have any fun topic suggestions feel free to drop an email to


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