Snowfall in Shimla

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I got my new silver ring from Belirams, at MGF Gurgaon. You know how much I adore sterling silver. They have exclusive designs and all sort of traditional jewelry, show pieces you will find at the store. But I have to say that salesmen as well as owner of the store need to learn how to smile, pheww. Oh yes owner smiled once when I paid him for ring. 

Don’t you think thandi has increased in Delhi these days? Reason recent snow fall in Himachal. I am sharing few pics from Shimla.

Photo Credits – My lovely aunt from Shimla

All photos reminds me of black and white era due to snow. With careful look you will find some color. It reminds me of Duck Tales (a cartoon series i used to see on television when i was a kid) which had an episode where the family lands in North Pole. Everything there was either black or white. The penguins over there were fond of colors and tried to preserve even a cloth fiber with great care. 

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