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First weekend of 2015. I am sure you are having fun. For me I did a little shopping and now at home enjoying hot cup of coffee and my favorite Milano Cookies. I would like to thanks each one of you for great response to my writeup Travelling With Ease. In this genre my first post was related to InternationalTravelling. Continuing with same topic here are few other points I wanted to share with you all.

CurrencyIf your flight is a connecting one, then buy some currency of the lay over country so that you can buy souvenirs from duty free shop at the airport. For example if your layover is at Dubai you can shop at the airport using dollars and I shopped at the airport.

Folder – Buy a button folder/file and keep your passport, certificates, and other immigration documents in it. This folder should be in your cabin luggage. Keep a photo copy of passport, immigration documents in your check in luggage as well, just in case.

Labeling Luggage – When you are standing at conveyor belts to collect your luggage after flight, you will realize that most of people have similar type of suitcase, even colors will be the same, as there are standard colors for big luggage bags like blue, black, purple. Trust me you don’t want to spend even a minute identifying which one is yours off baggage carousel after long flight. To spot your luggage easily from the herd, tie colorful ribbons or fabric at the handle of the suitcase/trolley. Also take A4 size white plain paper, write your full name, flight number, destination, phone number and address where you will be living abroad with a marker (better if used permanent). Paste on the back, flat side of suitcase using brown tape generously. In case of misplacing of luggage, this little measure helps authorities to locate your bag easily. Then it could be shipped easily.

Jet Lag – It’s of major concern for people moving to a country with just opposite time zone. For example if you are going from India to USA or vice versa, days are night will be opposite. It’s so simple to avoid jet lag. Once you board your flight forget what time your wrist watch shows. Go by natural clock. If outside its night, sleep and if its day stay awake. Drink lot of orange juice, water on the flight. Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C which keeps you hydrated and is very refreshing. If you are leveraged a glass of wine in the flight, have it. It relaxes one. Don’t drink too much that you see yourself in toilet mirror frequently, hahaha.

I will be coming back with another writeup on Travelling With Ease soon, Till then take care

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