VO5 Volumizing Shampoo Review

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My few friends have been asking about secret of my better looking hair these days. So here's I am sharing my secret with whole world. 

About the Product - Alberto VO5 Volumizing Shampoo is one of the varied products of Alberto VO5. This organization was started in USA as an initiative of hairdresser to the stars, Alberto and a chemist to change the world of hare care. I am excited about doing its first review from India.

Packaging – The shampoo comes in a translucent squeeze out bottle with a silver cap on it. The color of shampoo inside the bottle defines the color of its container.

Claims of the product – VO5 Volumizing shampoo claims to increase volume of hair by maximizing body & bounce with collagen. It also claims to moisturize and hydrate the hair by leaving it looking and feeling thicker, fuller and simply beautiful. Shampoo claims to be rich in five essential Vitamins - Vitamin E, Vitamin H, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3.

My experience – I have been using the shampoo from last two months. See the picture above. It will end soon. The shampoo was a random pick by me during my stay in US. I have never heard of it before. Good news is that it’s available in India. My hair was really thin and used to tangle easily. I wash my hair thrice a week. When I opened the bottle for the first time the smell of shampoo resembles to some cough syrup. Once you wash the hair you will feel pleasant smell of shampoo in your hair which stays for long. Shampoo looks like a gel and once squeezed out on palm it doesn’t drip. Volumizing shampoo color is somewhat red, not exactly. I can say it’s from family of Red Color. Within two weeks I felt that my hair was becoming smooth. They didn’t get tangled hence less hair fall. Also my hair became healthier and shiny with its regular use. Best my thin hair got some volume. Ohh I am so happy. I am getting lot of compliments from my friends on my hair these days.. I am on cloud 9 as I never hoped that anyone will ever compliment on my hair. Shampoo leaves hair feeling clean for up to three days. It’s amazing for hot country like India. Also my hair felt moisturized post its use. Due to that I have skipped oiling sometimes. Well I can’t really comment on how much Vitamins it has really, but I just loved the product. I team up VO5 with Tresemme Hair Fall conditioner for better results. You can use your favorite conditioner with the shampoo. I have to agree with VO5 claims of Volumizing, moisturizing, shiner hair.

  • Leaves hair feeling clean
  • Reduction in hair fall
  • No more hair tangles
  • Hair looks straight and shiny
  • Smell lasts for long
  • Shampoo isn't drippy
  • Expensive in India
Price – Approximately Rupees 1,400 

Availability – To buy online click here

R&W Rating – 5/5

R&W Recommendation – I know it’s really expensive in India.  But instead of going for expensive treatments for hair loss, you can try this one. I got better results, you might also get.

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