Cilantro, Trident Review

Last evening I went to Cilantro, a restaurant in Trident Gurgaon. It was my first visit to any Trident ever. I have to say Trident; Gurgaon is an amazing hotel with good restaurants. Built like a small palace with modern architecture with ancient touch. Structure is built like dome shaped. When you are inside building, if you look at ceiling that’s when you realize how much tall the building is. Lush green lawns, with water pool which looks like a flat black shiny surface from distance. I went at night, it might seem different during day. Finding a place like this in dry city Gurgaon, it’s like discovery of heaven.  We were welcomed in a traditional Indian way with ‘Tilak’. Best thing about Cilantro restaurant was no two tables were placed close. There was ample space for the movement of guests inside the restaurant. No overhearing of conversations. Best place if you are planning to surprise your valentine this year.

Hospitality was good. We opted for buffet and drinks. I chose Cabernet Merlot Australian Wine (red) I just love red wine. Their drinks/beverages menu has all kinds of alcoholic-nonalcoholic drinks. Buffet offered from good range of continental style salads to main course to desserts. Variety was sufficient to offer you right choices without confusing. Almost all dishes were named in Greek (at least for me). I can’t remember names of any. Main course was arranged in metal bowls like the ones we use in India at our home. Main course was mix of Indian, Italian food.  I am a vegetarian so I loved the chole and Enchiladas (mexican dish) made in Italian style. I loved both. I had some Chinese more yesterday like vegetable noodles, Manchurian. There was also huge variety of non-vegetarian food. What I didn’t like there was that food was not classified as veg and non-veg with appropriate signs there. I wasn’t able to click more pictures (I am not a good photographer, sshhh don’t disclose)

R&W Rating – 4.5/5

R&W Recommendation - Restaurant is definitely expensive. But if you are looking for some really classy place to dine and don’t mind paying that this one could be you call. Food is also tasty, and you will be able to try some international dishes as well.

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