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I remember Bajaj Scooter used to be so famous in India in 90’s. My dad also had one in sky blue color. When I was like five it was a moment of pride to ride on scooter by standing in front, LOL. FilmBox Movies, S2S Productions, Neon Lights Pictures (so many banners) have come up with film dedicated to Scooter, Mrs. Scooter. The film has been Directed by debutante Shiladitya Moulik, Produced by Narendra Singh, Karan Singh, Sandeep Sahota, Story by Deepak Nagar, Music by Avinash Baghel. It’s a romantic drama flick. Film revolves around Bhushan, Aashima. Mid-level clerk Bhushan gets married to Aashima and same day he buys new scooter as well. He adores both. One unfortunate day Bhushan loses his life in an accident, therefore abandoning both. Both scooter and Aashima go through same situation. Their lives move parallel in a weird way. Film has a happy ending for sure, it’s all about journey of both girl and scooter, what kind of situations they fall into, how they are united in the end.

Roles: All are new faces and it’s like breath of fresh air (at least for me)
Anjali Patil will be seen as Aashima
Himanshu Kohli will be seen as Bhushan 
Satyakam Anand will be seen as Manu
Madhu Rajesh will be seen as Sheila
Sandeep Sahota will be seen as Baldev

R&W Review: First of all name of the film is so ticklish. Trailer starts with lot of animation, where it briefs the story with pictures. Anjali Patil, who is playing lead in the film, looks charismatic on screen. I have to say she seems perfect for the role. I am not much impressed with Himanshu Kohli in the trailer (as of now at least) Film has a very different story, related to real people, real locations. Whole film has been shot in Aligarh, a famous city of Uttar Pradesh in about thirty days. That’s why lot of jokes, emotions, humor will remind you of UP. There is lot of reality touch to it. It’s very well showcased in the trailer how a small room for average earning looks like in real life. It doesn’t have all kinds of amenities. Trailer is so gripping that even if you are whatsapping someone you will forget typing and will watch the trailer. I am always, always in favor of good films. Any good story has my attention. I have already seen the trailer like 10 times or may be more than that. Film will be releasing sometime in May, 2015. Release date is not yet confirmed. I have a feeling if this film will be promoted well than audience will go to theatres to watch it. It will earn lot of awards for sure this year.

R&W Rating: 4.5/5

R&W Recommendation: I just loved the trailer, will recommend go for it. Do watch the trailer.

What you think of the trailer guys?  Are you going to watch this film?

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