NH10 Trailer Review

A couple is going for small vacation in a resort. They have to take NH10 to reach their destination. They take a break from driving to have food at roadside dhaba. They try to help a girl who is being tortured by local goons and that’s when they experience worst days of their lives. This is the brief story of upcoming thriller film NH10. The film has been directed by Navdeep Singh (director of critically acclaimed film Manorama Six Feet Under). The film has been produced by Phantom films. Anushka Sharma is co-producing her first film with Phantom Films.


Anushka Sharma will be seen as Meera
Neil Bhoopalam will be seen as Arjun
Darshan Kumaar will be seen as Satbir

R&W Review: It’s a killer trailer. I have never been much scared by any thriller film’s trailer before. The film is definitely not for kids and weak hearted. The film story is fictitious but this might be just mirror of incidences happening in our society. Gurgaon, Rohtak, Hisar, and many more cities & Villages of Haryana, Rajasthan are becoming adda of goons. They are owners of huge land, employs labor, make lot of money. Boys of such families engages themselves in all kinds of bad fun. Worst police, even their own families never raise a finger against such spoilt brats. I have read, heard of lot of incidences which has been happened in Manesar and many other places nearby NH10. Anushka is hero of the film for sure. She has done fabulous job. Her scream, emotions, the way she is crying looks so real. The scene in which she is asking for help from a policeman looks so natural. Neil Bhoopalam (oooo I have a secret crush on him post Ungli). I know it might sound weird but for a moment I thought there was Rajkumar Rao in the trailer. Don’t you think both these guys have striking resemblance? The story looks engaging. It won’t let your mind wander. I hope the director don’t show film making scenes before release of film. Otherwise the feel trailer has stirred among audience will be gone. Film has been shot on dusty roads of Jodhpur. It was supposed to release last year in September but finally it is coming out on March 6, 2015

R&W Rating: 4/5

R&W Recommendation: It will be intense, scary film with lot of violence which is evident from the trailer. So watch only if you are ready to bear such type of films.

Have you seen the trailer? What are your thoughts after watching it?

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