Happiness Could Be Anything

Hi Friends,

I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by this question “What makes you happy”? You will see lot of people is asked this question in interview. Definition, reasons of happiness varies from one person to another.

If you ask me what makes me happy I will say anything good that I witness, comes to know about, positivity in life makes me happy. I am overjoyed when I see someone is taking an effort to do something for society. Like one day I was coming back from school when I saw some men were planting trees and it was not go green day. I became so happy that day and my friends were surprised to see me that much happy.  I get happy when my whole family is together. I get happy to share my belongings with my sister. I get happy when a friend calls after a long time. Cute smile of a kid makes me happy. I am elated when I see a stray animal is being fed. I don’t like to waste any resource. If somewhere water is overflowing and I am able to save by closing tap, closing switch of motor, or alerting owner of house about an over flown tank I feel happy. 

Free gifts makes me happy too haha, so you can gift me as many gifts as you want. My friend got married to love of her life after so much difficulty, I was overjoyed. Kid of my maid passed 10th with good score, I was so much happy that I allowed her to take three day off to celebrate success of her kid. I don’t need a big reason to be happy; I get contended with small things. I know and understand that it’s only farmer who waits and prays for rain to come on time. Others are just worried about heat, where as he is worried about food product not just for himself but also for people like us. When it rains on time and fields look green that fresh air, that news in paper about bumper production of food grains makes me happy. News of peace makes me happy. When Malala was awarded with Nobel Peace prize it was a proud moment for lot of girls. When a young guy offers his seat to old man in bus/metro it brings smile on my face.

When someone appreciates me for my good work or look it makes me happy. When my mom praises me I feel like jumping in the air. Happiness could be anything, don’t wait for any big moment in your life. Try to find happiness around you. We all can stay happy always if we accept the life as it comes to us.

What makes you happy? I would like to hear from you all.

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Megha Gupta 


  1. U r really doing a fabulous job my dear childhood friend.... i love reading ur posts... its really a gr8 feeling wen i think about the days when u use to share ur love for writing and ur passion to do something... i just feel like hugging u at the tym i read anything written by u... luv u n miss u... keep rocking all the tym....wish u ol happiness and success in ur lyffff....👍👍👍