Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack Review

Neem is essential part of my skin care regime. My mom made me eat some neem leaves every time I visit home. So a ready made face pack with neem, what else I would ask for. I have already reviewed Himalaya Kesar FacePack. Today I am going to review Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack.

About the Product – The product is one of the variants of face packs by Himalaya. I think I should write a thank note to Himalaya for launching such amazing products.

Ingredients – Key ingredients are fuller’s earth (multani mitti), neem, turmeric

Packaging – Face pack comes in two type of packaging. One in form of tube and other in form of Sachet. I always buy sachet for my use. Sachet packaging is also very neat and sturdy. Its white color packaging with all kinds of product related information printed on both sides. Each variant is easily identifiable with the color used on sachet. Like Kesar one was of peachy, orange in color and Neem is green in color. Pack comes in a twin pack and it’s easy to tear them into two different sachets. One sachet is enough to use for one time by one person.

Claims of the Product – Himalaya says it’s a purifying neem pack that helps to regulate excess oil secretion, cleans clogged pores and prevents the recurrence of pimples. Regular use controls acne and pimples and their recurrence. Combined with turmeric helps in controlling acne-causing bacteria. Fuller earth cools and soothes the skin, improving skin texture and leaving you with clean problem free skin.

R&W Review – Neem face pack from Himalaya was the first one I used from the brand. Neem, multani mitti and turmeric are best antibacterial agents. My way of doing is first scrub face well with a good scrub, wash away. Then apply thick layer of face pack on face and neck by avoiding eye area and leave it for like 15-20 minutes. Here is the thing with this face pack. Once you apply it, there is some tingling sensation which will provoke you to remove face pack as soon as possible. So whenever I apply neem pack I make sure to keep myself busy with something, otherwise naughty me will spoil it. Once it’s on your face you will feel that your face has become dry as neem pack dries out easily. Be patient. While washing I wet my hands and scrub the pack away from face. Then rinse with fresh water. My face looks clear and fresh. The color of pack is dark green. Smell of this face pack is not so good. It’s not bad though. You can smell the actual neem leaves powder in it. So now you can make out that how it will smell. I use this pack mostly in warm weather and since summers are approaching fast its best to start using it right away to avoid acne, pimples. If you have pimples on your face apply this face pack during night and wash it away. Next morning you will witness murder of pimples, haha.  In summers I use this pack like twice a week. Caution whenever you apply this face pack make sure no one see you as they might hit you by mistaking as a witch, Kids can cry and someone could also get a heart attack, hahaha. I buy sachets of face pack and keep in my drawer. The packaging is so good that you don’t have to worry if product will be spoiled. The face pack is suitable for all skin types. Product also states that natural herbal formulations tend to change color over time but product efficacy remains unchanged. 

  • Neem is key ingredient
  • Have multani mitti and turmeric as well
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Reduces pimples and acne
  • For normal to oily skin
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Comes in sachet as well as tube
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easily available

  • None 

Price - Rs. 15 for two sachets of 8gm each

Availability – Easily available at any nearby departmental, cosmetics stores. To buy online at discounted rates click here

R&W Rating- 5/5

R&W Recommendation – For daily skin care regime this is one of the best affordable, herbal products available in the market. You don’t have to worry about skin type as well. One can easily maintain good skin by using these products available in market.  

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Megha Gupta 


  1. should I keep facepack on my pimple all night or should I just wash it before going to sleep.

    1. you have to wash it dear, keep it for half an hour