Maybelline New York Lip Polish Review & Swatch

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I have become crazy about collecting variety of makeup, skin care products. You know that I like wardrobe full of beauty products, lol. I was so happy when I got Maybelline New York Lip Polish as a gift from my sister. She knew that I was looking for something like that, so she got one for me. How sweet of her. You are lucky if you have a sister. Today I am going to review Maybelline New York Lip Polish.

About the Product – I don’t think product needs an introduction. The product is launched by one of the best renowned brands, Maybelline in beauty products in world. The product Lip Polish is their name, if you think it simply it’s like a lip gloss but is definitely different from other lip gloss. 

Packaging – The thing is I never used or seen Maybelline Lip Polish before. If you look at the product you will see under its transparent cover there is a tube which is in the shape of lipstick. When I first saw I was so happy to see the size of lipstick, kiddo me. Then I realized it’s just the holder of polish. I loved its packaging even though it bluffed me initially, haha. The plastic cap is coated with shiny silver with brand name imprinted on it. I liked the packaging so much that I stared at it for few seconds before actually opening it. The leaf shaped applicator is really cool.

Shade – I got Glam 13

Claims of the Product – Lip polish makes your lips look fuller and more luscious. Lip Polish acts as a moisturizing liquid conditioning balm and gives a soft cushiony feel to the lips 

My experience – I have used Lip Polish in two different ways. First way apply just lip polish and second apply lip polish over matt lipstick. I am lazy bum and sometimes if I am getting late than I need something which I can apply in one go and I am good to leave home. Lip Polish has made my life easy. Lip Polish I have to say is one of the classiest lip glosses available in market. When applied on lips it doesn’t look like gloss/lipstick. Lips look classy, fuller and moisturized for sure. Have you ever seen models in TV commercials where their lips look so naturally colored and perfect? That kind of look this lip polish can give you. You don’t need to apply lip balm if you are using lip polish. It’s not just a lip gloss or a lip stick, it falls somewhere between the two. I got shade Glam 13, very girly and natural shade. You know the days when you don’t want to go out with dark color on your lips that time go for this shade. I have used over a matt lipstick too and I have to say it adds value to the lipstick. It looks great in day light. I remember the other day I was leaving for market when one of my neighbors asked me what you have applied on your lips, they are looking super awesome. I told her about the product and she got one too. Its leaf shaped applicator makes it super easy to apply polish without creating any mess. I usually start from center of lip and then cover sides. It stays for not more than two hours that to be without eating or drinking anything, also you have to keep mum. Very light weight, chic, easy to carry around in your vanity bag. Best thing about the shade is that you can wear it with any dress. Single coat is enough. For good, natural look shade is best. I am looking forward to try out new shades of Lip Polish. 

  • Awesome shades
  • Classy packaging
  • Leaf shaped applicator
  • Looks classy on lips
  • Easily glides
  • Can be applied over a matt lipstick
  • Moisturizes lips
  • Great pigmentation

  • Doesn’t stay for long

Price – Rs. 450

Availability – Any Maybelline outlet or cosmetics store, to buy online click here

R&W Rating – 4.5/5

R&W Recommendation – I am already planning on getting a new shade, so now you know about my vote already. If you wish to invest in a branded lip gloss/lipstick try this one out.

Have you tried it so far?

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