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It’s a dream of almost every girl to have long, shiny hair. These days long hair is a rare sight unlike 90’s or before when lot of women in India use to have long hair. Our traditional Indian way of oiling hair and then washing with Amla, Shikakai was best way to keep hair healthy. Due to change in life style, life more demanding we don’t get so much time very often.  Care is important. So here I bring to you a very simple way to have healthy long hair.

Ingredients – Castor oil, mustard oil

Why castor oil? – Castor oil is kind of vegetable oil which is extracted from castor seeds. Castor oil is one of the best oils for hair growth. Oil is rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids which stimulates growth of hair when applied on scalp. The oil also helps in reducing split ends.

Take one teaspoon of castor oil and 2 tea spoon of mustard oil. You can use almond oil/coconut oil or any other oil of your choice. Castor oil is really thick so we need to add another oil to dilute it a bit. Heat it up and apply on your scalp. Leave for two hours at least. I leave overnight and wash with VO5 shampoo next morning.

Results – I had really thin hair and I have been using castor oil for last three weeks and I can feel the difference in my hair.

Castor oil comes in various prices. Like online you will find in various ranges and it depends from brand to brand. I purchased small bottle from a departmental store near to my place for just Rs. 28.

In fact why should girls have all the beauty tips, this is useful for guys as well. 

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It’s so simple, convenient way to healthy hair. Why spend more time when we can take care of our hair in simple way

Share your experience if you try out.

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Megha Gupta 

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