Summers are here, need SPF

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Summers are back and I hate it. I don’t like heat at all, who does? Living in India during summers is really challenging. When it comes to protection of skin, we all seem to be doing whatever possible for us. Some are witnessed with a mask, or a scarf tied around face, head, and neck. Plus the pollution, dust makes every effort to make you look dull throughout day. In summers try to eat less and drink more. And don’t drink too many cold drinks, soda instead drink water, lemon juice, lemonade, orange juice eat fruits like watermelon, banana to keep you cool from inside. On outer cover we need a guard to protect our skin from Sun. Have breakfast and drink full glass of water before you go out. 

When we think about products that could help us survive in parching heat, we come up with Sunscreens, or creams with sunscreen. Now there are so many products which range in SPF factor, some has just 15, whereas some has 50+ SPF. So what does that mean? Does higher SPF protects better or what is right sunscreen for me? If you struggle with all these questions, please continue to read.

SPF means Sun Protection Factor which measures how long your skin could be exposed to sun without getting any sunburn.  For example if you go out in Sun and your skin starts getting red in ten minutes than applying a sunscreen with SPF 15 could protect your skin for (10 X 15 = 150 minutes), isn’t it amazing? It also depends on fact that how well sunscreen was applied to the skin. Sunscreen should be applied evenly on face, neck and arms. If you sweat more outside than it will be washed away easily. That means you need to reapply it. So anytime you wash your face apply sunscreen as applying just in morning won’t help if you need to be out in heat. Wearing a wide brim sun hat is also a good choice to reduce the amount of sun taken by your face, back and neck. 

More SPF means more protection? To an extent I would say yes. Degree of protection varies with high SPF but difference isn’t much. What matters more is how exposed your skin is to sun and how you are applying sunscreen. I always make sure to apply sunscreen approximately twenty minutes before I go out. It takes its own sweet time to function. My skin gets tanned very easily but I have observed that with regular use of sunscreen tanning could be prevented. I will be sharing very soon which products I am using for my skin protection this summer on blog. Stay tuned with R&W, take care

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