Time When I Regained Optimism

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Sometimes when we are desperately waiting for something good to happen and it doesn’t then we get disheartens. I have learnt from my experience that once you stop waiting and start concentrating on some other thing, the former happens. I would like to share one of my experiences when I regained my optimism towards life.

I was in last semester of MBA and placements were going on. Lot of my friends were placed in some or the other job. I was desperate to get a job offer before final exams. I was attending interviews on regular basis but things were not working out. Sometimes the profile was not good or I was rejected. This process went on so long that my final exams were over and I didn’t have a job. I was furious and angry. I started losing faith in me, my confidence was shaken. After facing so many rejections, for the first time in my life I was fearful of facing any interview. One day I was coming back from Noida after getting rejected in an interview. I was angry at everything around me. That day I remember slapping a guy in bus for misbehaving. I got down at my bus stop and I started walking back to my hostel. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard someone calling me. A lady who with her teenage daughter used to sell roasted corn on roadside was calling me. I use to buy every day from her and was her favorite customer. I was not in mood to eat anything but she forcefully handed over one to me. I was looking for change in my purse to pay her when all of sudden two policemen came there. They started scolding her for sitting roadside and selling corn. She was pleading with tears in her eyes that this is the way she makes her living. Those heartless policemen picked up her remaining corn, stove and threw in the middle of road.

I was shaken from inside. I returned to my hostel with heavy heart. I realized that my problem is nothing in front of what she is facing. That day for first time I thanked to god for giving me such a wonderful life.

Next day I went for an interview and was rejected again. On my way back to hostel I saw same lady sitting with her daughter at her usual place. She called me if I wanted to have roasted corn. I had to pay her for yesterday so I went to her. I question her why she is back here after what happened yesterday. She said she has to make her living, even if she move to some other place similar problems will be there. So why run away each time, rather face it bravely. My confidence, optimism was back and within a month I got job of my own choice. I left that place and moved to different city but whenever I am sad I always Look Up to that instance which gave me new hope. 

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