Time When Power Cut Brought Us Together

Hi Friends,

Time when we spent with family members, friends that moment when we all are together is something we will always cherish. 

I am from a small city. In 90’s me and my family use to live in a very close neighborhood where all houses were aligned just next to one another. So many families with kids almost of similar age group use to live. It was an amazing time back then. It was a group of about twenty and it was so much fun to play together. After coming back from school we all kids use to be so much excited what we are going to play in the evening. No one use to sleep in the afternoon to finish homework on time so that we all can get together and play. Once it will start getting dark we all was called back homes by our parents. We all kids wanted to play for long but our elders never allow us. We pleaded, begged, fought, cried you know name anything we tried to do but still our elders were stern at their decision.

It was summer that year and you know how badly sometimes weather gets in India.  It gets worse when accompanied by power cuts. My city is famous for power cuts, like sometimes power is gone for straight ten hours. That day it was worse than ever. It was announced that big transformer was burnt down so there won’t be electricity for next 36 hours for sure. I remember all ladies were frantic. They didn’t buy milk that day as there was no place to store. Most of families cooked dal chawal as its simple to make. It’s so difficult to work in kitchen without electricity and so much heat. We ate our food quickly. Everyone moved to terraces of respective houses and tried to sleep there. That night it was so much heat that it was difficult to sleep even on terrace. There was a big house in our neighborhood with a large living room and only house that time to have an inverter. As there was no electricity whole day the inverter battery was not that much left which could help the family to sleep through whole night. Finally I don’t know who suggested but it was announced that those elders who wanted to sit together can join family of big house in living room to share fan. Lot of families locked up houses from outside and shifted to neighbor house. We all kids were also awake and were happy to see each other at night. We all kids were sitting in one corner when hush hush in our group started. We all decided to play at night instead of sitting in boring living room with elders around us. We requested our elders to allow us to play and we were granted permission. We played hide and seek, kho-kho all night. It was so much fun and we came to know later that our elders played housie too. In the morning power was back and we were back to our houses too. We kids decided to call power house to thank electricians for long power cut, haha. Those were the perfect moment of togetherness. All elders also had fun along with us kids. I can never forget that moment which brought us together. What is your moment of togetherness?

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