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Have you ever wondered that why we work so hard? Why everyone gets up early to go to work and spends whole life in struggling in one way or the other. The answer is food. Just imagine that we can survive on earth with just air (no eating/drinking) do you think than anyone will work? No right. We are so lucky that we can afford best living conditions, food. But there are so many around us who work much hard but are not earn to provide for proper food. I would like to share with you all a memorable incidence from my life when I followed my heart to make someone feel special.  

My house is on one corner of Wide Street and in the corner of that street there is a small house in which reside 5-6 workers who work in factories, shops. They use to work in the factories for long hours and were getting meagre wages. With their little earnings they had to support their families who were living back in village. What I pity most about that even after working so hard they were not able to have good food. My family, neighbors offered help but they were so dignified that they just don’t accept. On festivals sometimes they will eat food at my home but otherwise they won’t come because of their dignity. They were like even if we are poor we don’t want to go to others house to have food. I wondered at times if there could be a way to help them.

In front of our house there used to be an empty plot which sometimes people will use for small family functions, dinners. I think it was November of 2002 when someone decided to plan a wedding in that small plot. We all were shocked as that was small place how a wedding could be planned. Somehow the decorators were able to fix the area well for wedding. By the time all decorations were completed we all just couldn’t believe that this was the same plot. There was a lavish dinner organized in the night for all guests. We all were invited and were having fun on our own. All of sudden I felt in my heart that I should go to that small house and call those factory workers to have food in the party. I immediately rushed to the house to call them. When I reached there, they were planning to cook their dinner. I called them that instead of cooking they can have food in the party. They replied that they are not invited. I told them invite isn’t needed, to which they said last time someone told them not to eat there that’s why they will not come. I came back with heavy heart and discussed with my father about the same. I requested him to talk to the host to invite them to dinner. My father talked to the host of the party and he agreed. In fact he himself went to the house to invite them for the dinner. They all came and very shyly had food in the corner. They were very happy. I could see that in their eyes. I was so happy that day that my little effort could bring smile to their faces for a day.

It was my way of making someone feel special, how about yours?  

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