Dining Out With Smart Savings

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Do you like dining out? I do. I love going to restaurants, try out new meals or sometimes just order food at home. And while doing so I know I am spending a lot but what if I get a good discount and save some bucks? Lot of time I order my food via food panda. Food panda enlists variety of restaurants which covers more than 100 cities in India along with their updated Menu cards along with some amazing discounts. So I was looking for some additional discount options (value for my hard earned money, haha) when I discovered an amazing website www.27coupons.com

Website offers discount coupons from taxi to travel to food to movies to online shopping. 27coupons is an amazing place to get additional discounts on food orders. Click here, you will find all coupons enlisted which are applicable for orders exclusive for Food Panda. Like the first coupon which says Upto 40% off on food orders, if you click that you will get all the details of that coupon. Like what should be minimum order value, what is the maximum discount could be availed on each order, till what date coupon is valid. I like the fact that website is quite transparent in listing all the terms & conditions associated with any coupon. It’s written in plain English which makes it easy to understand and is not ambiguous at all. They also mention about the success rate of each coupon. Best thing is that the coupon is applicable for all restaurant orders. It isn’t restaurant specific. Like you will get 20% off only if you order from XYZ restaurant. Then there is another coupon for new customers. They will also let you know about new deals like I wasn’t aware that Papa John’s are giving buy 1 get 1 offer on their pizza. 

If you scroll down you will find expired coupons. You can go through them to check what kind of offers could be expected from 27coupons. One time I ordered food from food panda I end up getting flat 100 Rs off on order of Rs. 500. Isn’t that cool?

You are planning a birthday party, low on cash order food through food panda using 27coupons you will be able to make your friends happy easily. There are other striking deals.

I am planning to use 27coupons more and more. My experience has been good so far, how about yours? 

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