Loreal 20+ Skin Perfect Anti-Imperfections Whitening Cream Review

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I know, I know you have been waiting for this post from last two weeks. I promised to share my experience with Loreal 20+ Skin Perfect Anti-Imperfections Whitening Cream after two weeks, so here I am.

Packaging – Loreal 20+ cream comes in a jar made of strong glass. The jar has golden color, round cap which you have to twist to open the jar and then one can use the cream. The jar is inside the white cardboard cubical box which has all the information about the brand, product printed on all the sides. The jar is quite heavy and due to which I won’t suggest it to carry while you are travelling.

Claims of brand - Brand claims that with regular usage the skin will become fairer with even tone. Imperfections will reduce with regular usage and skin quality will improve.

My Experience - It’s been two weeks since I am using Loreal 20+ cream regularly on my face and neck. I have to admit that I haven’t used any cream like this one before. I can see its visible effects on my skin. Due to change in weather my skin had become dull. I used the cream in the morning approximately half an hour before I leave home to go to work. The cream creates mattifying effect on my skin as well as nourishes it. As it has UV filters so I don’t need to add sunscreen. In Sun it doesn’t make my skin sweat much. I feel slight cooling effect of the cream on my skin, therefore all day my skin stays clean and fresh. Okay you must be wondering if it sticks like foundation and is difficult to remove, then no. Cream removes easily with any face wash. With a week of using the cream I could feel difference in my skin. My skin has become fairer with added glow to it. I feel that the tone has improved a lot from past two weeks. Skin has become softer and smoother. Just a little is enough if you are spreading on dampen face and neck as I do. Cream is in peach-pinkish color really light color and has amazing fragrance which you wish stays with you forever. I am in love with Loreal 20+ cream

Skin becomes fairer
Adds glow to skin
Make tone even
Protects from Sun
Classy packaging

Not travel friendly

Price – Rs. 325 for 50 gm

Availability – Easily available at stores selling Loreal products or to buy online click here

R&W Rating – 4.8/5

R&W Recommendation – I know cream is expensive but due to its visible results I will suggest skin parlor cleanup for a month and invest in Loreal Cream.  You will feel the difference in your skin for sure. If it works do let me know.

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