Loreal Expert Skin Care Range For Every Age

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Its weekend, having fun? You know there are times when we say this product is for ladies and this is for girls. From a small kid to grandmother in house we all have been using similar creams. Sometimes I use to wonder what if there are creams which are customized as per age requirements. I think Loreal heard me and introduced their skin care range which is customized as per different age requirements. Within this range they have three creams for different age groups 20+ , 30+ , 40+ 

In fact when I told my mom about the skin range she also liked this idea. Today I am going to share what Loreal Expert Skin Care Range is all about. 

Katrina Kaif endorses Loreal Skin Range

Claims By Brand

My View – 20+ ranges for 20-30 age group. This age group doesn’t have wrinkles or patchy skin. What this age group needs is a cream which rejuvenates glow of their skin which is affected by daily work stress, pollution. Girls in this age group often face problems like pimples, dullness, Oil being deposited on skin. A cream which could help in providing instant glow, reducing imperfections is something what this age group looks for. Cream has UV filters as well as Purifyll + Vitamin 3X (B,C,E) complex. You don’t need to add sunscreen for UV protection. I am hoping that Loreal 20+ cream is able to fulfill its claims. 

Price - Rs 99 for 18 gm, Rs. 325 for 50 gm

Claims By Brand

My View – 30+ cream should be for women in age group 30-40. When someone reaches 30 that’s when first signs of aging begins. Skin tends to become patchy with growing age and if not taken care skin becomes dull. Mostly women are married and are juggling with responsibilities of kids, home in this age group. This leads to stress, fatigue. Sometimes they don’t even get time to take care of skin which piles up issues with skin. So a skin care cream is needed which could help them in reducing fine lines (no one wants to look old) by making skin smooth and fair, reducing dark spots. Cream is rich in Pro-Collagen which is known for reducing fine lines. Cream also has Vitamin B3, C which reduces melanin in skin and Vitamin E which maintains anti-oxidant properties. It also have SPF21 PA+++ which provides protection to skin from sun. I am hoping Loreal 30+ cream is able to take care of skin of women in 30+ age group

Price - Rs. 149 for 18 gm, Rs. 425 for 50 gm

Claims By Brand 

My View – 40+ I guess should be till infinite, haha. Women in this age group have visible wrinkles. Skin won’t be as young as it was till 40. After 40 skins will get wrinkles, dark spots for sure. Help needed is a cream which could reduce wrinkles, dark spots so that skin could still manage to look good at the end of the day. This cream has Pro-Retinol which is a powerful anti-aging active with three key vitamins (B,C,E) along with SPF21 PA+++. I am hoping that Loreal Expert 40+ cream should be able to take care of skin of women in 40+ age group. 

Price - Rs. 595 for 50 gm

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