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Does this happen to you that you wanted to donate some amount and don’t know where to? Whenever we donate we want to make sure that the donated amount is being put to best use. My searches lead me to an extraordinary “Varanasi Boat School”. As name suggests it’s a school which is in a boat in our religious city of Varanasi. People visit from all over the world to the city to witness its traditions, culture, river Ganga. On the banks of River Ganga there are lots of kids from underprivileged families who are engaged in wasteful activities. Some of these kids go to government school in the morning and sell earthen lamps, flowers to visitors. The learning in government schools is not always productive. Whatever they are learning in school doesn’t settle as back home there is no one to help them with their studies, doubts. Their parents could be illiterate and slowly it leads to their school dropout. Some kids don’t go to school at all and whatever they learn is through attending boat school. Illiteracy is a termite for our Indian society. These kids wanted to study and have potential but just lack of right resources leads to loss of interest in studies. That’s when Ajeet Singh (NGO Guria) came forward with an amazing idea. He thought why not there be a school which is on bank of River Ganga so that its convenient for kids to reach their and learn something. That’s how “Boat School” was formed.

What does Boat School Do? School help kids after their school with their studies. They don’t have an agenda for kids. They try to teach them what really a kid wants to learn. Suppose a kid is not able to understand math in school and want guidance on that subject, the school staff help him. The school try to engage kids in various learning activities like drawing, computer. Schools also provide those notebooks, books, stationary. The school provides ideal learning environment for kids. Right now “Boat School” needs a magical transformation which includes restructuring of interiors, bring more books, computers, toys. There are very few individuals who actually do something for others. What we can do is provide financial support to the school in form of donation, scholarship. Instead of donating money to ashrams or temples or shrines, help these kids. These kids are future of our country. If you are planning to visit Varanasi then try to visit the school as well. Please don’t give money to Pandas there, donate some to the boat school which is working so hard to do something right. It’s also said that “Not just donation is enough, donating at right place and at right time is really important”. If you are not visiting Varanasi you can donate online through their website. Your donated amount will be used wisely by school for benefit of these kids. If you want to know more about the “Boat School” please visit

My journey of doing right has just begin, how about yours?

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