Ek Nayi League by Kapil Dev

Hello Friends,

I would like share a little secret of mine with you all. I am not at all a cricket fan. I know, I know you must be feeling throwing me out of India. The game never interested me. But there is one man I don't know why but I respect him a lot. May be because he seems so humble. I would love to meet him in person. He is a cricket legend, he is Kapil Dev.

Whenever I saw him talking on television I want to stop doing whatever I am doing at that point of time and just listen to him. Last weekend I was trying to make 'Bhindi', (yes i am trying hard to be a good cook, lol) when I heard a voice on television which was on in my room. My earns recognized and I shouted oh my god its Kapil Dev talking. I immediately rushed to room to hear him. That's when I saw an advertisement in which Kapil Dev is talking about Ek Nayi League. At first its all related to cricket. I was shocked with ad as in the beginning he says he has always played the game whole heartedly and then he was suggesting not to play his league heartedly. I was like, what?

These days Kapil Dev is talking about a new league he has formed on television and its advertisements videos have gone viral. I am sure you must have seen a lot. They are driving me mad as I badly want to know what its all about? They haven't revealed at all. The ads are so interesting that i have seen them couple of times on youtube.

There are numerous ads related to this league. Like there is one where he mentions about his retirement time and what Dev Anand suggested him. Dev Anand said that Kapil had always played whole heartedly. In another Video he appreciates the courage of Yuvraj Singh. So everyone is guessing what this League is all about. My guess is that this league will be a kind of Game Show which will definitely be based on rules of the game cricket, that's why they have chosen Kapil Dev. All the contestants will form teams and the teams will battle in studio instead of ground. And contestants should not get emotionally attached to game, to their team as well. As in this game the contestants might have to hop from one team to another. Also they need to be alert all the time as they can't trust. Contestants will be using their brains to win this league. That's what i think this league will be all about. I am really excited to find out what it really is. What is your opinion about these ads? What you think this could be. I am already planning to watch this league and I am already learning to make popcorn and lemonade

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