Inatur Herbals Cucumber Toner Review

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Summers are on and are killing me. I swear I hate summers. I am born with an oily skin and its really difficult to keep my skin clear during summer. What could prevent acne in summers is a good skin cleansing routine.  I eat lot of cucumber as well and what more my poor skin could ask for if it gets a cucumber toner. I got myself Inatur Herbals Cucumber Toner this time. This is the first toner I am reviewing on R&W. 

About the Product - Inatur Herbals is one of finest herbal products brand in India. Brand offers huge variety of products in skin care, sun care, hair care, face care. All Inatur Products are 100% natural and dermatologically tested. 

Ingredients - Key ingredients are basil oil, cucumber, lemon oil, teatree oil 

Packaging - Inatur Herbals cucumber toners comes in a sleek, plastic bottle with a spray pump on top of it. The bottle is made of see through plastic with a light green color pump on top of it. Pump is protected by a plastic cap which ensures no spillage. Its light weight and easy packaging makes it very convenient to carry around in a bag. Its packaging establishes that its a natural product. 

My Experience With the Product -  Toner is made to remove excess oil from skin and open clogged pores. Its preferred that after washing face with face wash, one should use toner. I also after washing my face spray Inatur Cucumber Toner. Sometimes I wipe it out with cotton ball or just let it dry on its on. It removes all dirt, excessive oil effectively. This toner has mild fragrance of lemon, cucumber, basil which feels very refreshing on face.  Toner is made of basil oil, cucumber, lemon, teatree, all these have quality of providing coolness to skin and cleanses well. Toners could be liquid or gel based. Inatur toner is liquid with hint of green color in it. In summers due to sweating skin attracts lot of bacteria. A good toner is one which comes with antibacterial properties. Inatur toner has Teatree oil in it which acts as an antibacterial on face. This toner removes excess oil from my face and my face stays matt for quite long as compared to when I don't use toner. What I like is its easy application. The spray is really good. If you have applied makeup and want to set it up, you can refrigerate Inatur toner and then spray a little over makeup. I would suggest even men should use a toner, their skin is also prone to dirt, pollution. Using a good toner can avoid acne to great extent. This is suitable for all skin types. 

  • Controls excess oil on skin
  • Cleanses well
  • Made of best natural ingredients 
  • Soothes skin 
  • Refreshes skin 
  • Light packaging 
  • Easy to carry around in bag
  • Affordable price 
  • Suits all skin types 

  • None

Price - Rs. 125 for 100 ml 

Availability - To buy online click here 

R&W Rating - 5/5

R&W Recommendation - Cleansing is very important for skin, a good toner is an essence to cleansing routine. Inatur toner is made of natural ingredients, no alcohol in it. Its very safe to use and is dermatologically tested. 

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Megha Gupta 


  1. Even I love toners in spray bottle.Would like to try this one

  2. Even I love toners in spray bottle.Would like to try this one

  3. i am using kama's rose water... it is also a good toner. this product however seems pretty good will try it soon.... amazing review.