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Hi Friends,

Cricket one game which unites whole India. This game removes all barriers of caste, religion, income status when comes to cheering our team India or mourning when team lost match. Its so difficult to find empty place, parks to play games in India, but somehow guys manage to find place to play their favorite game cricket. I have grown up in 90's when boys of my age group use to take girls in their team on one condition that girls will do bowling and fielding. I hated my core to do that. We girls did take our revenge, haha. I am grown up and so is cricket madness. 

I remember that we had board exams during world cup. When date sheet was announced in classroom students were mourning as dates were clashing with match dates. You won't believe we all cricket fans so much wanted to see match together and during boards convincing parents was a difficult task. In fact not just kids but everyone's father were also sad as they were requested by mom to watch match anywhere else. Well they still had solution for us it was big trouble. We made a schedule that get up early in the morning and study, do all the revision and in between see match for some time. It was amazing world cup where India won match against Pakistan and Yuvraj played really well. In my street people came out of houses and were seen distributing sweets. They called drummer and on the beats everybody danced. It was so much fun. Next day we had maths exam and in the morning we all were scared. But thank god exam went fine and we scored well. 

I work in office and more often we need to stay back and work till midnight. Now in office you know most of the sites are blocked by IT department. In this case it was really difficult to watch match like that. One can't go home early also there was no option to see match. Then we were looking for some good browsing option on mobiles when me and my friend discovered UC Cricket. Its so fast that it became so easy to surf, watch match and get to know all the details like live scores, latest news related to match. There was a guy in my office who didn't slept for three days during India's final match with Sri Lanka during world cup of year 2011. Our office management put up big screens in cafeteria for cricket frenzy employees. Not only Indians but also expats joined together in the fun. 

So back to that story, that evening we shoot an email across organization about the browser, lot of them were already aware of it, we all watched, cheered together. This browser is suitable for all kinds of phone whether android, iPhone, PC Browser like whatever you can think of. If you are a cricket fan do check out this browser, if you haven't dude you are missing something. 

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Megha Gupta