Inatur Sandal Fairness Face Pack Review


I am not a regular parlor visitor. I prefer to use home remedies more as compared to spend lot of money there. One time expense of parlor is so much that you can easily buy so many good products from that money. I prefer using face packs at home for my face cleansing. Best for me are herbal face packs. I used two products of Inatur before which I have reviewed on my blog as well here and here. This time I got Inatur Sandal Fairness Pack. Keep reading to know my experience with the product. 

About the Product - Inatur Sandal Fairness Face Pack is an innovative product from Rising Sun Research which is enriched with goodness of natural ingredients. This is not completely natural though. 

Ingredients - Key ingredients are Chandan, Kesar, Turmeric, Vertiver, Liquorice.

Claims of brand - Brings fairness to skin, reduce blemishes, pigmentation 

Packaging - Inatur Sandal Face Pack comes in a round tub of mud color. A orange, yellow, red color combination sticker is pasted across the bottom of tub which provides details to customers about the product. Twist to open cap is also round and could be easily opened. Once you open it face pack is sealed with another plastic lid which has Inatur symbol inscribed on it. On top of mud color lid brand name is inscribed. Travel friendly packaging. 

My Experience With the Product -  Reason why I chose this face pack was as it had three of my favorite ingredients chandan, kesar, turmeric. Face-pack comes in off white color and is of creamy texture. The fragrance of chandan, kesar is amazing and my bathroom gets filled with good fragrance post its use. I always wash my face with face wash, then I scrub and finally apply face pack. This is the usual cleansing way I follow at home. I applied thick layer of this face-pack and left it for half an hour. Due to its fragrance I didn't wanted to wash it away. I wish this fragrance stays with me forever. Face pack gives you a tingling sensation for few minutes of its application. It has very cooling effect on skin. Its easy to wash away and leaves skin soft, supple, hydrated, clean. The glow I didn't felt immediate. Next day when I got up I felt my face looked brighter as compared to day before. For blemishes it disappointed me. I didn't felt any difference in that at all. I don't suffer from pigmentation so can't really say about it. Brand says to use it daily but daily application is not possible due to lack of time. Overall its a decent face pack. 

  • Made of some really good natural ingredients
  • Cooling effect on skin
  • Gives glow to skin 
  • Moisturizes skin 
  • Makes skin soft 
  • Affordable 
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Suits all skin types

  • I wish it was 100% natural 
  • No effect on blemishes 

Price - Rs. 175 for 100 gms 

R&W Rating - 3/5

R&W Recommendation - A decent face pack which can provide glow to all skin types. Made of natural ingredients though not completely herbal. Its good to try this one if you are looking for a change. 

Let me know what you think about it 

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Megha Gupta 

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