Airtel 4G Fastest Network Ever

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Ever since I got mobile number Airtel is the only network I have used. Anywhere you go whether underground parking area, top of the building or any weird place you can think of Airtel network always works. Even my family members are fan of Airtel. Be it their broadband service or dongle or any other services Airtel has never disappointed us.

Internet has redefined our lives. If for one minute also, internet is not working even though we don’t need it urgently, we start panicking. It happens right? This is super exciting phase for all internet users. With so much development in internet, where it was started from 2G, then 3G and finally 4G are launched. And guess what Airtel is the first telecom operator in India who has launched 4G internet service across India. I am super excited with this development. If it’s by Airtel I have no worries. Airtel works best and I am sure that they will do well in this genre as well.

When I started using internet first we used to connect our desktop through landline phone. Oh god it used to be such a pain. Minimum half an hour wait before it would connect. And speed used to be so terrible. Opening yahoo mail only was really time consuming. Thankfully in those days YouTube was not there. Otherwise it would have died its painful death. Then came broadband, my whole gang used to spend hours in cyber café. In those days internet was not cheap. It was expensive and internet on phone used to be a luxury. I remember I was in third year of graduation when one of my friends got internet on her phone. She was pretending no less than Princess Diana that day. Now it has become so common to use internet on phone. You will see every hand surfing phone in metro or bus or anywhere you can spot public.

Gone are those days now internet is available in all new avatars. With launch of 4G it’s revolutionary. So you must be thinking it must be launching only in metro cities. No that’s where you need some enlightenment. They are planning to rollover nationwide in 296 cities. That’s superb. And soon it will be available everywhere. When in late 90’s internet rates were so high now in 2015 4G services are available at 3G prices. Can’t believe it, but it’s true. Getting an Airtel 4G sim is so easy like buying grocery from departmental store in your street. Bad comparison, I know sometimes I am like this only. If you are planning to get 4G sim just tweet #GetAirtel4G.You don’t have to go to any Airtel Relationship center to collect sim it will be delivered to your doorstep for free.

I have already placed my order for 4G sim, how about you? Please do share your experience with Airtel 4G

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