Kis Kisko Pyar Karu Trailer Review

"Dhyan se dekhiye is aadmi ko" He is famous Kapil Sharma from Comedy Nights. I am sure this line must have been kept in the beginning of trailer on Kapil's insistence as this used to be his favorite punch in his show. Well I am referring to his debut movie "Kis Kisko Pyar Karu". The film is directed by famous Abbas Mustan and produced by United Seven and Abbas Mustan Films. 

Cast - Kapil Sharma, Varun Sharma, Supriya Pathak, Elli Avram, Simran Kaur, Manjari Phadnis, Arbaaz Khan

R&W Review -  Trailer entertains thoroughly. Its full of Kapil's punches. The story is not new like a man having more than one wife and trying to balance his life in a comical way. What I find amusing is Kapil and then there will be Varun Sharma. I am really excited to see them acting together. I am fan of both. Story is of a guy Kapil Sharma who has three wives plus a girl friend. Kya baat hai bhai, I know all guys out there must be thinking same. Well then there is Varun Sharma who knows all about him and I am sure he helps Kapil in juggling among three, no four. Arbaaz Khan is a surprise element who can't hear anything but I can guess already that he is really cunning that we will get to know about in the end of film. I am excited to watch this film with hot popcorn and cold coffee. I am hoping that film has lot more to offer in terms of content as well. A good content only makes it engaging for all audience. I am deducting marks for old story. 

R&W Rating - 3/5

R&W Recommendation - Are you fan of Kapil Sharma? Then I don't need to add anything here. Film is releasing on 25th September, 2015.

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