Stand Up Comedy In Style

What is the best medicine in whole universe? Think; think I know that you know the answer. Yes you are right its laughter. It has been proven that if you laugh whole heartedly for full one minute that not only cures stress but also relaxes your heart. A person who stays happy, laughs look much younger than same age group person who does just the opposite. Now what makes you laugh aloud? It could be either a joke or gossip or laughter club or comedy. I think comedy is the best of all. You laugh effortlessly.

This is a smart world of smart phones with superb 3G, 4G internet which brings all kinds of virtual entertainment at your fingertips. Recently I came across an exciting website

There are lot of sections on website related to lifestyle, parties, music and lot others. My favourite section is their Stand Up Comedy. So let me tell you why you should be visiting or would like to visit this section. First there are so many like so many videos made by famous Stand Up comedians like Tanmay Bhatt, Aditi Mittal (yes some from famous AIB), Vir Das and many others. Their acts will make you laugh like anything. Then there are lot of videos from international comedians as well. There are interesting articles on comedy, comedians. You can get to know about your favourite comedian. Trust me it’s easy to make someone cry, it’s difficult to make someone smile and tougher to make someone laugh. A good stand-up comedian has to have really good sense of humour, presentation skills, witty and presence of mind as questions can come from anywhere from any one. Sometimes they don’t even have a script ready and while interacting normally with audience they will make you laugh. That’s the magic of stand-up comedy.

Abroad Stand Up comedy has been there from decades. However it’s still in nurturing phase in India. It’s a commendable job by liveinstyle to not only entertain its audience but also they are providing a chance to budding stand-up comedians. Interested can visit website or their YouTube channel for more details. I am really excited about this whole new comedy phase in India.

There is another section on cocktails on website. In this section one can find so many recipes for cocktails like there is big list of vodka cocktails. This section also briefs you on history of that particular drink. My favorite section is Wine. So next time you are throwing a party then definitely seek help from liveinstyle. Some cocktails with few snacks and awesome people make a great party. 

Let me know your thoughts about the website and this feature. 


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