Kissanpur – Discovering Real Togetherness

Two girls can never sit quiet next to each other. But every day I witness just the opposite. Thanks to Smart phones which had helped us a lot but have also limited conversations to text messages. What is more absurd is two friends meet each other instead of talking to one another, they seem busy on their respective phones or discussion topic will be the latest model one has bought recently or is planning to buy. I travel to work by metro. Almost every hand is busy scrolling up and down and eyes are fixed on a screen. Then people talk about being stressed and all.

If we talk about the era when there were no mobile phones like my childhood it was an amazing time. We had so much to talk to each other. I had a large group of children of my age and we would play whole day. Even in college we used to hang out more instead of chatting on phone. There was togetherness in lot of things we did. 

Togetherness is a feeling which comes from any act done by a group of people together. For me togetherness is when my mom and I cook a meal together or talking to my family for hours. Watching a film together or just a noble act like following Clean India mission together is also an act of togetherness for me. Like in the Kissan commercial it’s depicted beautifully the act of togetherness and cobweb of phones. Nature gives us so many valuable gifts thought out our lives. It’s our responsibility to return the favor by being more responsible. We all can together vow to minimize use of plastic bags. Proper disposal of e-waste, plastic waste.

We all have to work together to conserve limited resources of fresh water. All parents should teach their children not to waste water and they themselves should follow right ways to preserve water. Soil conservation is also very important. Spaces have to be made for plants and trees. If we live in an apartment we can opt for potted plants to create our own little green patch in house. If you own a lawn plant more and more trees like Neem, sheesham, guava. These trees grow up quickly and helps in soil conservation. Best part do it together. If you have a small kitchen garden whole family should contribute in planting trees. If you have a park in your locality than whole neighborhood should take responsibility to keep it green and clean.

Digital world is fake. We all have to learn again how to live in a real world. Every day when I go back home from work I don’t open my laptop or use phone. Instead we all spend quality time with each other and discuss about our whole day. We eat together and it’s the best stress-buster.

This is my way of togetherness what is yours?

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Megha Gupta


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