McCain Snacks Smile For All

We all have to live in different cities due to job or any other reason. We try to get together once a month. We stay together, chit chat and have loads of fun. Family time means fun time for me. Sometimes we watch a film together or sometimes just plain chit chat. Sometimes there will be intellectual discussions or political debate. All kinds of noises you can expect when my family gets together. Whatever be our mode of togetherness, one thing is common. We all enjoy having different kinds of snacks. Sometimes we would prepare samosas or pakoda at home or lot of times we would place the order. Since winters are approaching and everyone on table crave for piping hot snack. I was looking for lot of options when I saw ad of McCain whose brand ambassador is one of my favourite Karishma Kapoor.

McCain offers variety of vegetarian snacks like French fries, Chilli Garlic Potato Bites, Super Veggies, veggie burger patty. My favourite is Smiles. I don’t know if it’s the shape or crispy happy potatoes which invite me. This is the first variant I tried from McCain. Okay I have my way of presenting these smiles.

I was alone at home as other family members were out shopping. So I decided to surprise them with McCain. I fried these smiles and while these were still hot I add grated cheese on top of them. I prepared mint chutney and served them. Everyone was delighted to have these smiles. In fact my father asked me to prepare some more. The taste was awesome. My other way of having these smiles are by adding these to sandwich. 

McCain definitely made my day. This was my little effort to make my family smile. Do try them out. I am sure these are good for that halki phulki bhukh. 

I would love to know about your McCain story. Please do share below.

Megha Gupta

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